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There was a rodeo grounds out back of the building as well as a small oval race track to I believe the west of the building. The dance floor was very nice as well.
According to the Gazette it has already grown to 40,000 acres and their main focus right now is structure protection.
I remember the Fair Price Grocery very well as a Child. Long long time ago. Lived just 2 blocks away. They also had a great candy counter. They delivered groceries and people paid once a month in some + 635 more characters
Gubmint Aid is just like insurance, you don't want it until you need it. T'aint worth the cost. And by the way, make sure I get mine but I'm not sure my neighbor there needs it. This is just the thing + 106 more characters
I heard from an undisclosed source that it is going to be the new Trump Tower West.
RE: Spam 2 months ago
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As my boys grew up they called it (S)tuff (P)osing (A)s (M)eat. They did enjoy the Spam museum in Minnesota though.
First of all, let me be clear. I did not like either candidate in this recent election. I made my choice of what I thought to be the lesser of two evils. I read a lot, studied their pasts and weighed + 492 more characters
Anybody else here remember Paragon Pit? How about the quarter miles marked at Kinsey and old Highway 10? There was one out at Fort Keogh until they put a gate up. How about the Montana Centennial Trai + 61 more characters
Thank You webmaster. As for me sitting on the computer all day researching, I noticed AFAB has the time to post all day.
I know David but that part about the free phones just really bothers me. It is just the falsehoods that are posted so blatant and people just post things they hear and don't bother to do any research. + 43 more characters
AFAB, I know this is a minor point but I think you should check all your facts before posting. The information I am posting comes from the Drudge report. Please feel free to do the research on it. "Th + 702 more characters
The problem with searching a general topic is that Google will repeat the same story thousands of times and so shows numerous results. I just did the same google search for Trump Failures and it came + 27 more characters
Your people??? That isn't a bit divisive is it? I don't consider myself either Democrat or Republican. I do consider myself a citizen of the already greatest country on earth. I am not sure where you + 283 more characters
Mr. Webmaster, I clicked on the yes button earlier, after signing in. I don't comment much but like to look at the posts.
Good Joke. It is a joke isn't it?
Speaking of things to know. Please inform the public why you believe you will get a pass on things that are already in the works and even though you have invaded the mayor elects private home, what ma + 227 more characters
It is nice to know that facts do not disturb you Mr. Shipley. I did not really expect you to believe this. I just wanted to see if your would back out on your offer and you did. Thank you.
16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Federal Income Tax (1913) Far-reaching in its social as well as its economic impact, the income tax amendment became part of the Constitution by a curious seri + 2547 more characters
Please just take the $1000.00 to the Food Bank and donate it there. I will be looking for a Thank You from the Food Bank to Mr. Shipley in the paper. Would be nice if the Star ran a picture of Rob han + 48 more characters
According to the United States Government Printing Office, the following states ratified the amendment:[32] 1.Alabama (August 10, 1909) 2.Kentucky (February 8, 1910) 3.South Carolina (February 19, 191 + 1692 more characters
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