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Mr. Shipley, I am also a person of faith but, when I do end up in a rest home, I will depend on govt benefits as I have never seen a check written by God.
According to the United States Government Publishing Office, the following states ratified the amendment:[32] 1.Alabama (August 10, 1909) 2.Kentucky (February 8, 1910) 3.South Carolina (February 19, 1 + 1799 more characters
Rob, The election is over. Please stop trashing your opponents. You ran the race to the best of your ability and came up short. A valiant try. Graciously congratulate the winner and move on.
That was the first place I looked and of course no results yet. Thanks
I have looked in several places but can not find the actual results for Miles City's election results and numbers. Where can I find them?
Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, in Glynn County. It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands. The island is owned by the St + 1116 more characters
I see nothing in this passage that deals with the IRS. Not sure what this posting is about.
David, See what I mean about his blaming other people? Oh and watch, he will lash at me again. Even though he doesn't know me or my family, he will ask about what we ever did for Miles City or if we p + 61 more characters
David, You will not get an answer until Shipley can figure out who else to blame or why it is unconstitutional to pay property taxes. He does have money, so he tells us. I am not sure how this fits in + 30 more characters
Mr. Shipley, In all honesty, you do not really want general opinions. Having watched your postings on for quite some time, when you are allowed on, whenever somebody has an opinion, you lash ou + 633 more characters
I do use an alias because of people that would use my real name to possibly retaliate. As for the people you have mentioned, I have known several of them and do respect them. You are not them so I am + 101 more characters
Mr. Shipley, You want people to vote for you but you don't believe in paying taxes? How do you propose we pay for school's, road's, police, infrastructure and all other benefits we receive as taxpayer + 46 more characters
Well, I haven't posted in quite some time but feel compelled to do so. This thread is beginning to sound much like our national politics, things blown out of proportion such as 2000%. 100% is all it c + 433 more characters
There was a rodeo grounds out back of the building as well as a small oval race track to I believe the west of the building. The dance floor was very nice as well.
According to the Gazette it has already grown to 40,000 acres and their main focus right now is structure protection.
I remember the Fair Price Grocery very well as a Child. Long long time ago. Lived just 2 blocks away. They also had a great candy counter. They delivered groceries and people paid once a month in some + 635 more characters
Gubmint Aid is just like insurance, you don't want it until you need it. T'aint worth the cost. And by the way, make sure I get mine but I'm not sure my neighbor there needs it. This is just the thing + 106 more characters
I heard from an undisclosed source that it is going to be the new Trump Tower West.
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As my boys grew up they called it (S)tuff (P)osing (A)s (M)eat. They did enjoy the Spam museum in Minnesota though.
First of all, let me be clear. I did not like either candidate in this recent election. I made my choice of what I thought to be the lesser of two evils. I read a lot, studied their pasts and weighed + 492 more characters
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