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If you are interested in shooting pool this winter come to are meeting on the 15 of September at the V.F.W at 7P.M we will be glade to see you there Al bump to the top
We will be having are first meeting on Set 15 at 7P.M at the V.F.W Club hope to see you there we are looking for new players as well as some that have played before please come thank you Al
It is that time of year again when you should be thinking about the men,s  thursday  night pool league we are alway's  looking for new player,s and team's if you are interested in playing this year ca + 136 more characters
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bump to the top I still have the saddles and am will to deal price start at $150.00 to $450.00 give me a call and come and see them 234-3191 ask for Al
RE: For Sale 22-250 3 days ago
Hi this is Al what do you won't for your rifle I am interested give me a call 234-3191
I am interested in your 223 savage what model is it and what kind of shape is it in and what are you looking for I have two 30-06 rifles and two 308 rifles and a 270 I would trade all have scopes and + 37 more characters
Thank you all I am no longer looking for a rifle or hand gun got them both thank you all Al
I am looking for a rifle CAL. 22MM or bigger up to a 30-06 would like a 22-250  25-06 or 243 in a hand gun 22-22MM  357 or 40 or 9MM if you have some thing I would be verry Intrested give me a call 23 + 17 more characters
I still have all six saddles for sale bump to the top
RE: Trade Rifle 8 days ago
Would you be interested in just selling your rifle if so call me at 234-3191 ask for Al
This rifle has been sold thank you
This rifle is still for sale or trade would like to trade for a larger CAL. 223 to 30-06 in a rifle or 22-22 Mag t0 a 45 CAL hand gun 357 0r 40 SW would be just what I would like if interested call AL + 41 more characters
RE: Trade Rifle 9 days ago
what are you looking for I have six rifles for sale or trade give me a call 234-3191 ask for Al I have 30-06 270 308 17win super mag would like to trade with you
RE: Saddles for sale 10 days ago
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This rifle is still for sale or trade cal Al 234-3191
RE: Saddles for sale 13 days ago
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I would like to see it and maybe trade call 234-3191 ask for Al
Saddles for sale 17 days ago
I have six saddles for sale from $175.00 to $450.00 each if interested give me a call 234-3191 ask for Al will deal on price.
This rifle is a 17 win super mag 17 cal and the shell's I have for it are Winchester polymer 25 grain and shoot at 2600 FPS it is a box of fifty if interested call me at 234-3191 Al will trade for a r + 16 more characters
I have a savage model B 17wsm with a bushnell 3-9-40 scope and sling and box of shell's $425.00 or trade call Al 234-3191 if you are interested this is a bolt action
RE: RUGER243 RIFLE f/t one month ago
This rifle has been ask for so it is no longer for trade Aaron see you when you get here
I have a like new winchester model 70 black shadow in 30-06 CAL. it come's with a new nickon buck master scope 3-9-40 and a new sling I would like to trade it for a smoller CAL. rifle with a wood stoc + 218 more characters
RUGER243 RIFLE f/t one month ago
I have a ruger american in 243 CAL. it has the black composite stock matte finish,soft rubber  Recoil pad and the marksman adj trigger it comes with a 3-9-40 Bushnell Dusk till down BDC scope and slin + 372 more characters