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If you are interested in shooting pool this winter come to are meeting on the 15 of September at the V.F.W at 7P.M we will be glade to see you there Al bump to the top
We will be having are first meeting on Set 15 at 7P.M at the V.F.W Club hope to see you there we are looking for new players as well as some that have played before please come thank you Al
It is that time of year again when you should be thinking about the men,s  thursday  night pool league we are alway's  looking for new player,s and team's if you are interested in playing this year ca + 136 more characters
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I  have a Benelli 12 GA. for sale it is the Ultra-Light model it has three choke tubs and the tool to put them in it is for 2/34 and 3" shell's this would be a great gun for trap shooting or hunting i + 175 more characters
I am looking to buy a rifle in CAL 223 to 30-06 bolt action or lever action most have a wood stock also looking for a hand gun revolver or sem-auto any CAL. as well as a smoll carry sem-auto in 22 or + 144 more characters
RE: rifles F/S 6 days ago
yes I still have a 223 and a 243 if interested give me a call or come to the house 234-3191 ask for Al 516 N Haynes Ave
I am looking for a bolt action rifle in a CAL. smoller then 30-06 or a lever action in any CAL. most be Winchester, Marlin, or Savage also looking for a hand gun Revolver 357 CAL. or bigger I have cas + 103 more characters
RE: Ruger10/22 9 days ago
Steve Z I would sell it with out the scope $200.00 cash call if interested Al 234-3191
Ruger10/22 11 days ago
I have a new Ruger 10/22 ss with a Barska 3-9-40 ss scope on it also new will sell for $250.00 or will trade for a diffrent rifle or hand gun  call Al 234-3191 I wood like a 270 or 25-06 in a bolt act + 136 more characters
This rifle has been sold thank you
Dcc my offer is still good I have cash on hand I will include a savage mark 2 22 rifle as well it is new and does not have a scope or sling this offer is good till Friday if interested call me 234-319 + 4 more characters
Savage 17 CAL rifle 15 days ago
I have a savage model 93R17 17 CAL. rifle for sale or trade it is in new condishin and has a Barska 3-9-50 scope on it and a sling asking $325  or will trade for rifle in a larger CAL. or hand gun wou + 124 more characters
DCC I will give you the price you ask for when you had it at the house and that will be to day only for I have made a deal on a different rifle pending on your reply if I don't here from you I will bu + 48 more characters
I will give you $400.00 cash for your rifle if interested call 234-3191 ask for Al
I have a Ruger SR40C 40CAL. for sale or trade it comes with a hard case two mag one 10 round and one 15 round also a holster and a box of shells as well as a grip extender for the 15 round mag this gu + 316 more characters
rifles F/S 23 days ago
I have several rifles for sale in CAL. form 17 to 30-06 I have 1 17 /2 22 /1 223 /1 243 /1 308 1 /30-30 and 3/30-06s if you are interested in any of them call 234-3191 ask for Al thay all have scopes + 40 more characters
Shotgun F/S 25 days ago
I have a Benelli 12Ga. shotgun for sale it is the ultra light it is chambered for 3 inch shells it has a 26 inch vent rib bbl and three chokes and hard case it slod for $1450.00 and is in like new sha + 186 more characters
I have a Savage model 93r17 17 CAL. with a Barska 3-9-50 scope and sling this rifle is in like new shape price on this one is $350 I also have a Savage  model AXIS in 223 CAL. with a pentax 4-12-40 sc + 180 more characters
RE: Wanted pool players one month ago
We are still looking for pool players for Thursday night league we will have a meeting soon so if you are interested give me a call 234-3191 ask for Al pump to the top
RE: Boat for sale one month ago
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RE: Wanted pool players one month ago
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RE: Boat for sale one month ago
Sorry I for got the price $2850.00