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If you are interested in shooting pool this winter come to are meeting on the 15 of September at the V.F.W at 7P.M we will be glade to see you there Al bump to the top
We will be having are first meeting on Set 15 at 7P.M at the V.F.W Club hope to see you there we are looking for new players as well as some that have played before please come thank you Al
It is that time of year again when you should be thinking about the men,s  thursday  night pool league we are alway's  looking for new player,s and team's if you are interested in playing this year ca + 136 more characters
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This gun has been sold thank you Al
I have a new Savage model mark 2 in 22CAL. with a Tosco 3-9-40 scope and sling it is  clip feed with a black stock And it is New will sell for $280.00 or will trade for a diffrent rifle with a wood st + 124 more characters
Sorry this Brass has been given away will be picked up this after noon by Tim thank you Al
243 rifle brass free 11 days ago
I have one hundred and twenty winchester brass and thirty remington bass once fired free if smeone out there wont's it call 234-3191 ask for Al
I am sorry I put the wrong price on this gun it should be $125.00 not $135.00 sorry about this if interested call Al at 234-3191
For Sale 380 hand gun 13 days ago
I have a used Jennings model 48 in 380 cal sem-auto in box with owners book will sell for $135.00 if interested call 234-3191 ask for Al this gun is in real good shape
I would like this to end now I know why he is doing what he is and I would like to leave it at that .But i would like to say just this every thing I buy or sale is done buy the law and as far as my go + 641 more characters
I like Glendive , Sidney , Baker , Terryy , Helena , Big Timber , and Glasgow and that is the show I put on although I have not had one in two years because of my health but will have one next year Go + 86 more characters
DCC no this rifle was bought in Helena at the gun show and if you can buy one that cheep then I would buy it and not make me an offer good luck Al it is going to Big Timber this week end with all my g + 120 more characters
I HAVE A RUGER 10/22 SS FOR SALE OR TRADE IT HAS A SS BARSKA 3-9-40 SCOPE this rifle is like new I will sell it for $375.00 or trade for a diffrent rifle in bolt action or lever action or a hand gun o + 84 more characters
This rifle has been sold thank you Al
I have a Howa model 1500 in 22-250 CAL. with a Simmons 3-9-40 scope and sling for sale or trade would like a rifle or hand gun in trade or will sell for $435.00 call Al 234-3191 the rifle would have t + 36 more characters
Thank you the job has been done Al
Still looking for someone with a heavy duty rototiller or a garden tractor and plow to work up a garden spot this spring.  If you can help please call 234-3191.
Savage 223Cal rifle one month ago
I have a Savage model Axis in 223 CAL with a Pentex Game seeker 2 scope 4-12- 40 and a sling this rifle is like new will sell or trade for a diffrent rifle or hand gun asking price is $435.00 if inter + 118 more characters
I have two Winchester model 670 rifles one was made in 1965 and it is 308 CAL and has a3-9-40 Bushnell scope and sling on it  number two was made in the late 1970 and is in 30-06 CAL. and has a Toco W + 219 more characters
Looking for someone to do some rototilling.  Also looking for some top soil and fill dirt. Call 234-3191.
RE: Springfield xds one month ago
I am sorry that I made you an offer I know who you are how and I don't wish to deal with you good luck AL
RE: Springfield xds one month ago
I am interested in your gun what are you asking for it or what kind of a rifle are you looking for I have 9 rifles for sale or trade give me a call 234-3191 ask for AL new in the box with paddle holst + 29 more characters
I am interested in your rifle what model is it and would you take a trade and cash difference give me a call 234-3191 ask for AL