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Believe it or not, I find the bar to be a very civil place. But, it might just happen to be the type of bar I hang out at. There, I have many good friends who are Republican corporate lawyers, who thi + 231 more characters
I thought for sure this was going to be about the Jimtown Bar.
url One thing I do give Trump credit for, he did prompt my lazy butt to finally pay for an online subscription to the failing New York Times.
I have been in the process of downloading my CDs to my hard drive and then to sticks since 2011. As some of my older CDs have no longer been readable, I have been trying to accelerate this process in + 436 more characters
The rest of this record is as awesome as this song, so if you like it and this kind of music, I highly recommend downloading it from your favorite music provider. (As an old guy, I don't know much ab + 18 more characters
The pea vines are new growth cut straight out of the ground, when they are about 8 inches tall, so far as I can tell. And no, they are not stringy or woody, like when you pick asparagus around Miles C + 259 more characters
Oh man, I would give my left nut to go buy some seafood at Pike's market. I am particularly fond of black cod. The best fish on the planet.
Nice to see you and Mary Catherine keep fighting the good fight, Richard. As for myself, I no longer care. I have been telling the good folks of eastern Montana for many years on this forum about what + 578 more characters
I probably misnamed this, because they are probably vegetables that have been consumed for thousands of years. But like most Montanans, they are new to me, as they are not potatoes. First on the list + 1028 more characters
Last weekend I brewed a 10 gallon batch of 1.048 OG Kolsch, with a twist of 5 gallons will be fermented as a kolsch with WLP029 at 64°F, and the other 5 gallons will be fermented with 34/70 at 50°F. S + 314 more characters
I look through my window and I can't see the sky The air pollution is a-f#cking my eyes I want to leave my city and I Want it live like an apeman. One of my favorite bands, one of my favorite songs. L + 29 more characters
Well, I do have to agree with Trump on one of them. Ted Cruz is a liar.
Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen. What a great idea for a pairing.
Yep. Trump does an outstanding job keeping his ignorant hayseed/hick/rube base like the Man from the Snowy Plains happy. Meanwhile, responsible Republicans like Sen. John McCain concedes that Obama wa + 195 more characters
I will have to order that yeast and give it a try, Hal. It sounds good. I just kegged my smoked porter, so now I have nothing in the fermentors. I am running out of empty kegs, so brewing isn't a high + 107 more characters
Here's a good article explaining the mentality of your average Trump supporter. url
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