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"All the posts " is a bit of a stretch. My post earlier states that I am in favor of a tax increase. Another post of mine is a cartoon that pokes fun at the end of some charitable deductions. Yes, I a + 99 more characters
Doug Jones wins! Alabama shows America that they aren't the dumb racist crackers that we thought they were! A great night for our country.
And for those of us who refuse to Facebook, there's also her wibsite: url
Yes he did. Nick did quite well. The Iggles were actually behind when Nick entered the game. They kicked two field goals to take the lead, then Nick made a clutch pass for a first down on third and e + 235 more characters
With a torn ACL confirmed, its a tough end for a fantastic second season for Carson Wentz. Now we find out: Is Nick Foles better than Jim McMahon?
I would suggest start reading the New Testament instead of the Old.
The whole cliff dwellers tale, of rapid rise and quick collapse, is one that always amazes me. I first became of it when I visited Chaco Canyon in the early 1990s. The tree ring article just confirms + 200 more characters
Before taking office, Mr. Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals. People close to him estimate that Mr. Trump spends at + 294 more characters
What slays me is Rob rants over and over here about his Christian values, yet supports the Giant Orange Dick who has zero Christian values. Rob, you are a Pharisee.It is obvious that you are not a Chr + 26 more characters
Schoolhouse Rock for the Tax Bill
That won't work because Donny Jr. and Eric are dumb as dirt. Ivanka, on the other hand....
The plot is sickening to those of us who believe in America and its values, and not Russian totalitarianism. You Trump puppets are the ones who sicken me. What does your grandparents think of you, sup + 60 more characters
I've got a rich friend who told me that he's going to use his tax cut to upgrade his means of travel. He and his wife usually travel business or first class. Now, they plan on chartering more flights. + 58 more characters
And we all know those bad decisions usually involves booze, women, and movies.
Montanans would never elect Senator Bennett. We are a Red State. We like our politicians to be stupid like ourselves (hello Snowy Plains!)
There might me a grain of merit in that, but if the choice is between a lawyer and a developer, I will take the lawyer hands down. And my comment isn't directed towards Trump (although it applies). H + 182 more characters
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