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Trump is a negotiator. He is starting a trade war with Canada as a bluff, just to get Canada to allow Donny Jr. to go polar bear hunting. Once Trudeau issues Trump Jr. a polar bear permit, the trade w + 16 more characters
As much as it pains me,I agree with the frost covered fellow from the flat lands The Montana Cowgirl website is a poor place to find any factual news.
Not a lot different from the questions Sally Mock posed, as I linked in my starting of this thread. A little less probing, perhaps, but we expect that from Lee Enterprises.
Did Oddjob suffer a heart attack? Why is "the Man from Snowy Plains" now the most lucid conservative voice here? Have you all just given up, and decided to wallow in your ignorance like a pig in acorn + 22 more characters
I have been voting since 1980. First presidential candidate I voted for was John Anderson, a good God-fearing Republican from Minnesota. He advocated for limited government, but a government who would + 474 more characters
What is your point?
Sounds good, Hal. I am a big fan of Chinook hops. A couple of years ago, I made a mead for a friend. He had bought a case of honey called Prairie Sunshine, from Victor, Montana.
Being from the Bitt + 478 more characters
I would have to think, that with free burgers and beer, all of Miles City and half of Forsyth, Terry and Jordan will be there.
Sigh. It always comes down to that mythical vast sea of welfare mooches out there.
Is he totally whacko, or what?
Uncertain who to vote for to replace Ryan Zinke as Montana's lone representative in Congress? Then, I would recommend listening to Sally Mauk's interviews of each candidate. Quist: url Gianforte: url + 247 more characters
I just hope Pence is not forced to dine alone with a Korean lady who is not his wife. This could mean the end of the free world as we know it.
One might make the case that the reason why we have a powder keg in North Korea, might have something to do with Trump's actions.
Yawn. I am so old, not only do I not know who Luke Bryan is, that I have found Star Wars boring since the first 1976 movie. Forty-one years of I don't care! Don't get me started on what a snorefest Ha + 111 more characters
That is a big fish, but of course, it is an Alaskan sized fish. Fishing has been pretty slow around here. For some reason, the rainbows have not bunched up in the reservoirs like they usually do this + 1599 more characters
My bad. I do have a SkyMiles Amex card. On business travel, I use the company MasterCard through the Concur travel app, but my employer has worked out a deal where Delta is our preferred airline (mea + 104 more characters
I agree with Dave. I would take one look at Greg's resume, point at this picture on it, and ask, "What the heck does this mean?"
When did you last fly Delta? They quit charging for the first bag for at least a year now, maybe two.
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