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So what's on tap for this weekend? I can hear crickets chirping..... Bands? Horse races? Main Street blocked off? Extra cops being brought in to ticket open containers? Politicians marching in the par + 120 more characters
I beat you to this, MCD. You need to keep up.
1. Trump announces tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum. Chinese retaliate with tariffs on American agriculture. A trade war is looming. 2. The Trump administration last month banned Chinese phone gi + 934 more characters
Excellent news. I am so glad the voters of Miles City are much smarter than morans like "the man from snowy plains", who thinks schools should be run like a business. I mean, what an idiot.
So did it pass?
Fixed that for you.
You read WAY too much conspiracy into posts here, Oddjob. But I guess that is the signature of your kind. Paranoia, big destroyer.
AAAAAANNND its starting to look like "Under". url
My over and under on how long it takes Trump to fire Rudy Giuliani: 9.5 days. It is 10:00 p.m., May 3, 2018. Place your bet.
We all know the story of how coyotes will chew off their leg to escape the trap... url Dumbest. Administration. Ever. Dumbest. President. Ever. Dumbest. Voters. Ever. Yes, Voters. The buck stops here, + 12 more characters
I am still trying to figure out why Republicans hate Jesus.
Intelligent people: No, no one is surprised. Trump supporters: FAKE NEWS!
I do recall that. I recall much sniveling over the price of microbrews at the stadium. Nowadays, the cost of microbrews doesn't seem to matter as much....
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