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Leash Laws 24 minutes ago
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Living in Helena over the past 29 years, I have experienced harassment from neighbors over loose dogs and cats. The dog issues I can readily duck, but the cat issue is more problematic. I like cats, + 377 more characters
First post! Welcome to, Rand K. Allen. You are making your father proud.
As I said before, the alternative is much worse. url
What an arrogant douche. url He has a staffer hoist a flag whenever he enters the building, and take it down when he leaves. And he has a commemorative coin with his name on it minted to hand out. Cut + 260 more characters
And whose going to pay for this forest management? The White House is proposing to slash the Forest Service's budget. Beetle-killed trees are worth nothing. Indeed, most timber sales these days lose m + 128 more characters
Trump loses in 1st round of White House IQ test tournament. url
Rex Tillerson doesn't think Trump is a dotard. He thinks he's a f%&king moron. url
Ha ha ha ha, Trump is so stupid, he thinks the NFL gets huge tax breaks from the federal government. I'm sure his moronic followers believe him. Dumbest. President. Ever.
Vice President Pence flew out on Air Force Two today to attend the Colts - 49ers game. When several of the 49ers kneeled during the national anthem, Pence left the stadium and flew back to DC in Air F + 201 more characters
Hard to say who is Dumber. A young Marxist or the average Trump voter. I'd call that one a tossup.
The MC5 deserves to be in the HOF about ten bazillion more times than Bon Jovi. And I am not that much of an MC5 fan. But I have a pathological hatred of 80s hair bands.
Should already be in: J. Geils Band Dire Straits The Meters A strong case to be in: The Moody Blues (not much of a fan, but they have an impressive body of work) The Cars (not a very large body of wor + 71 more characters
I agree that there a lot of crappy IPAs out there, but I do like most of the Double IPAs I try. I don't like the ones with what they call "dank" hops, like Columbus. The old C hops of yesteryear, Casc + 524 more characters
This was long coming, anyone with a smidgen of intelligence knew that the Republicans were underestimating revenue in order to back door budget reductions. My fervent hope is that some of the slower R + 164 more characters
The most sorry thing about this thread is the glimpse we now have into Daniel K. Allens sick mind. He cannot believe that an old white Caucasian male, similar to himself, could have done such a horri + 265 more characters
Danny, you really need to seek a mental health professional. Seriously.
I am currently sitting in the basement of my mother and sister's home in Denver, watching Cheap Trick on stage. Those old farts still know how to rock and roll. [Edited by Gunnar Emilsson (9/30/2017 8 + 11 more characters
I am kind of torn on this one. Although I drink beer and watch the NFL, I am all in favor of the NFL losing advertisers and fans if that will result in its exorbitant prices to go down
I just saw an article whose headline read ""Analysis: Trump tax plan favors the rich." My question: did anyone really need to do an analysis to figure that one out?
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