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Oh yes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the final say in all matters of the truth. You cannot be that stupid, Snowflake. Honestly?
"Gee, scumbag. I don't know how I will feed all these liberals with my genetically modified corn."* *inside joke, not meant to disparage the candidate.
Hay-Zeus. At least Odd job can spell and type using the Queens English.
Dad gum right, Snowflake! We need less regulations and more tariffs, by cracky! And....why are those brown people still allowed in this country? Der, Der. Der.
My favorite quote about this, is: "Only in banana republics do military juntas seize control of government and leave some titular leader in place to provide the illusion of legitimacy."
Hal, I have always considered you to be one of the most careful, reasoned, thought out in advance posters here. So why are you trolling Oddjob? I thought Bridgier, Bob III, and I were fulfilling that + 16 more characters
What's the name of that big river in Egypt?
Yes, and the President is a traitor who is colluding with the Russians to make the United States of America a vassal state. So what is your point?
Snowy is obviously a commie traitor. Sad. All you commie traitors will receive your just desserts in the afterlife. America first!
Watching the Night line special on Sen. McCain. Really brings home the transformation of the Republican party to the wounded white racists that they have become. Notice the crickets chirping on this t + 86 more characters
Make that Huckleberry pie and I am there. Earlier in my life, my wishes for my ashes were to be mixed into a 5-gallon bucket with potting soil, grow a big ole skunk bud plant, and have my friends smok + 219 more characters
A truly great American. A true hero. Godspeed, Senator McCain.
You people who hate America sure have a strange sense of humor.
Yes.... ha ha huh ha I am glad you are enjoying the demise of the Free World, Comrade Jerry.
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