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Nicely written and thought out, Hal. Personally, I see a fountain as more as an object of community good, than art. Unlike Richard, I appreciated that fountain as the dogs in my life have slurped the + 880 more characters
The only monument in the northwestern U.S. that the Daughters of the Confederacy erected, is a fountain in Helena. In light of recent events, the city commission has decided to have it removed. url I + 498 more characters
Former President Barack Obama's response to the deadly car attack and violent protests during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday is now the most-liked tweet of all time. + 105 more characters
Poor John Kelly. POTUS Retard.
Nice video, Richard. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the litigious nature of many environmental groups in Montana prevents us from ever having such common sense solutions such as tree thinning. We + 125 more characters
Senator Jon Tester of Montana voted in favor of the Manchin-Toomey amendment because he understands that the government can protect Second Amendment rights while supporting universal background-check + 916 more characters
Mary Catherine, I believe the Man from Snowy Plains is attempting to defend his white racist nationalistic beliefs by suggesting that those of us who are of Caucasian background who would saunter in a + 226 more characters
I am curious to hear what your beef with Senator Tester is. He works hard for the state, especially for our veterans. The only negatives I have ever heard about Senator Tester, which have any basis in + 42 more characters
Man from the Snowy Plains! Back from Charlottesville so soon?
Please don't tell us that you are going to add a box of Lucky Charms cereal to your mash.
There are lots of them out there, but this one has to be my favorite.
Thanks to Trump, I now think kindlier of our Latin American neighbors. In the old days, when listening to the news about the unrest in Venezuela, I would think "Stupid banana republic. Why do they let + 111 more characters
I admit, I am one of the leaders of piling on the anti-Trump, exceeded only by you-know-who. Reflecting on this, I thought it might be nice to note areas where I agree or admire our president. Here ar + 355 more characters
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The special counsel, Robert Mueller, just called Donald Trump to tell the President that he was “the most innocent person ever,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. “It + 919 more characters
Truth be told, I'm glad he hates the White House and is going on vacation. Maybe it will slow down the number of awful ideas he comes up with. Every day it's something new, to appease his ignorant hic + 274 more characters
I pretty much have given up trying to figure out why old white men are so stupid. And I am an old white man! It blows the mind away.
Don Pogreba has a good summary of Mr. Rosendale on his blog. url
This is Must See TV! url
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