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Griz 34 Cats 28 Bobby likes to feed on kittens.
John Wilkes Booth????? Are you off your meds again
Okay, I have to give him credit when credit is due. Today Trump did a good thing. Maybe he is coming to his senses after the election? Trump Endorses Easing Some Mandatory Sentencing Laws url I've nev + 143 more characters
Trump has given up scaring his base with the Caravan of Illegals, according to latest reports. Der Der der. You Trump supportors are some mind numbing stupid, that you can walk and chew gum at the sa + 409 more characters
Thanks for the links, Hal. As a subscriber to the New Yorker, I read their Armistice article yesterday, and it opened my eyes.Previously, i had mostly blamed the Treaty of Versailles as the cause of l + 267 more characters
Excellent oped piece on this election in the NYT: url And read the comments from hundreds of Montanans, including my wife who teared up writing her comment (KarenE). We are slowly starting to make Am + 18 more characters
Snowy makes a good point. Time to end women's suffrage!
I think he's onto us, fellow travellers.....
Let's dissect this post. It begins with "isn't it true" then proceeds with a Trump talking point. Anyone else see something wrong with that?
Nice work voters of Montana for rejecting the anti- mining initiative by a substantial margin. Remember.....if it can't be grown, then it's gotta be mined!
Congratulations to Senator Tester and to Montana voters for repudiating the best efforts of a fear-mongering demagogue. I wish Kathleen Williams would have won, but when she came out and said she sup + 49 more characters
Custer County results are available here: url
Maybe you shouldn't vote....
Bridgier, the Oddster reads all those far right conspiracy websites (the kind that makes Fox News look like the Washington Post) and believes their hooey. Hence, his "are you serious?" wringing of han + 414 more characters
Six months have gone by, figure it's time to post another reminder about our trivia game. A new month has started. Test your wits against other Miles Citians and ex-Miles Citians. url
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My comment was indeed a generalization and not directed to you, Ed. I do think that people who base their entire voting strategy on those two issues are idiots. If you are a voter who bases your vote + 264 more characters
I would say we had about 30.....our usual number. As we live in a neighborhood with no sidewalks or streetlights, we don't see a lot. One new trend is that all the trick or treaters we had were little + 118 more characters
Crookedest administration ever. Warren G. Harding and Tricky Dick are smiling up from Hades.
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