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21 years later, and it appears that the Freemen have won. They now control the government.
What amuses me, is that Richard is having all of his alter egos voting on this. I need to create my own alter egos so I can compete. How does "Chimay Blue", "Pabst Blue Ribbon", "Russian Olive Ivan", + 129 more characters
I concur, Dave, that Oddjob does seem to be blithering a bit. To his "points", the recent college grad hires at my workplace have excellent writing skills. If they did not know the difference between + 478 more characters
I think it speaks well to the erudition of the forum users, as I can't recall ever reading here that someone called someone a roostersucker or a pelican.
I can just see George Soros ordering truckloads of Sudafed to be delivered to the Miles City drug stores, while medical schools in Berkeley teach young interns how to write an Oxycontin prescription i + 62 more characters
No one is holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them to read Mary Catherine's threads. Since so many of you Fox News-watching hayseeds seem to be a bit slow, let me make it easy for you. If a thread + 386 more characters
I cranked up Chuck's Anthology collection yesterday while I was brewing a New England IPA. Good stuff. One of Chuck' greatest legacy's was how so many great albums of the 60s and 70s featured a stando + 336 more characters
B3, while it is true that rural folks suckle on the government teat just as much as any other demographic in the country, the fact remains that we country folks are committed to tearing down the welfa + 592 more characters
Trump's rural supporters knew exactly who they elected. They know that there must be an ending of government handouts to wean us off the teat, as painful as it is going to be. Trump's rural supporters + 161 more characters
Today is a great day. The Leader of the Free World is visiting our country!
I suspect she is here to help defend us from nationalism, authoritarianism, and all sorts of other nasty movements that und + 15 more characters
A tough day for the Trumpster. The courts toss out his Muslim ban AGAIN, and House Republicans find no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, or microwaved Trump's brain. I love this tweet: "In a + 300 more characters
Scranton is a cool town. Old industrial city, blue collar bars, Italian delis. My kind of place.
Maybe someone on the Trump team is a paid lobbyist for this Russian bank, and might be registered as a foreign agent? Naw, that would be too far fetched.
Some Republicans are probably against it because it stinks. Obamacare 0.5. url
Remember when the POTUS used to get his intelligence briefings from his national security advisers instead of conspiracy theorists on the internet and Fox & Friends?
If I were to go for any change, it would be to keep Daylight Savings Time year round. I wouldn't mind going to work in the dark in the winter, if that means I come home with a little light in the sky. + 465 more characters
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