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Commie swine. Go home to Mother Russia, troll.
Well, we are unveiling tiny hands and a complete revision of the English language, so we bigly win. And it is yuge. Hahaha, Putin, you thought you could turn your electorate into morons by soaking th + 77 more characters
Mine arrived today, and it received the much needed wife thumbs up.
I see Junior Brown is playing Friday, July 27 at the Pub Station Ballroom in Billing, and July 28 at the Red Ants Pants Festival. If you have never seen Junior live, I highly recommend him. Watching J + 169 more characters
Sorry, Hal.... Live in Alaska + no family >>> Live in Terry + family
Bad time to taste the Don's hair spray, as it probably tastes like Putin jiz.
Excellent op-ed piece by Thomas Friedman on the vile traitor Trump: url
Treason. Pure and simple.
Once Trump destroys the global economy, Putin and his oligarchs will be there to pick up the pieces.
Republican Senator Jeff Flake:
Statement issued by Republican Senator John McCain today. Well said, Senator.
Yes, there is no question to anyone with half a brain that Trump is an agent of the Russian government. I hold you Trump supporters to be culpable for this treason.
No surprise at all. What is simply amazing is the stone cold silence of all the Republican douche bags who would whine about the deficit, when President Obama and Congress passed stimulus spending pac + 441 more characters
To the top!
The hybrid on the left looks like it is half part of the largest member of the weasel family, the Tiny Handed Giant Orange Polecat.
Remember all those dumb a$$ farmers in the 1950s and 60s who hated the Russians? They are rolling in their Graves over their moron descendants becoming Trump supporters. Der der der.
Good deal. I ordered one this afternoon. If it covers my gut, I might order Mark Wiedeman one as a gift.
I regard all Trump supporters of being implicitly guilty of high crimes against the United States of America and our Constitution. Future events will prove me to be correct.
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