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Okay, so March is Women's History Month. Out of the 31 days of the month, which one is "Bake Me A Pie Day"? (ducking)
Facts are simple and facts are straight Facts are lazy and facts are late Facts all come with points of view Facts don't do what I want them to Facts just twist the truth around Facts are living turn + 276 more characters
My history begins after the last Confederate veteran died. Curious, I researched history of the Civil War, and, bored with the battlefields, began researching the underlying causes. First place I ende + 1635 more characters
After Thursday, when I was leading the office pool with 15 correct picks, Friday then occurred. I foolishly picked Virginia to win it all. How is everyone else doing?
Snowy, why do you hate America? I am 56 years old. I am too old to start speaking Russian.
What does that have to do with Space Forces or Space Walls? STAY FOCUSED!
Quit harassing Mary Catherine and go to the Space Force thread, to engage me in a debate on whether a Space Force or a Space Wall is the best way to keep space aliens from taking our high paying Ameri + 142 more characters
So, you are of Wyoming ancestry. Why am I not surprised? Your posts suggest an ancestor may have mated with a jackalope.
Snowy,don't you have some keno machines at Lucky Lil's that you should be playing?
I give up. No point in conversing with stupid.
Here's a nice legal analysis of Trump, aka "David Dennison" v. Stormy. url And an even better cartoon that explains it all:
.....I am somewhat disappointed that Snowy does not wish to engage in a debate on whether a Space Force or a Space Wall is the most effective means of keeping space aliens out of our country. I can o + 313 more characters
HE FIRED HIM THROUGH A TWEET! WHEN HE WAS A BUSINESS MAN, HE FIRED THEM THROUGH HIS LAWYERS! NOW HE FIRES THEM THROUGH TWEETS! ....maybe if I go all caplock and bold, the point of this thread might s + 51 more characters
It's a well known fact that Republicans are very sour people who hate America and love Russia. Traitors.
Time to interject some much needed moderate viewpoints here. Mary Catherine, the Oped you quoted was about tax revenue, not tax reform. However, since you brought up the subject, I agree that Montana + 376 more characters
We all know it's been a long cold winter, Snowy. But it's time to put the jug of Black Velvet down. Spring is on its way.
I have been working full time for 32 years now, mostly in the private sector but also three years with the state. I have seen people fired, and escorted out of the building immediately, without any ch + 207 more characters
News analysts believe that Trump's decision to create a Space Force is a result of his desire to command a division of Stormy Troopers.
Trump now wants to start a Space Force....
I dunno. Wouldn't a Space Wall do a better job of keeping space aliens from taking our high paying American jobs? Thoughts?
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