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One man's mud hole is another man's oasis. When the neighbor irrigates, one end of my area often floods. With our current heat wave, I'm more than certain I have an oasis! Love, Jobie
Zen Jobie one month ago
in General Discussion
url I am doing very well with my meditation skills; however, I confess that, on occasion, certain realities tend to creep in. I suspect it may not really be my fault, but instead, that I need a larger + 24 more characters
It's almost here. Next week (16th), I turn the big 10. I was a bit worried I would have to change and become more serious and solemn with the achievement of this great milestone of age. The Birthday B + 361 more characters
The Easter Bovine makes his rounds but once a year! I take my duties as the Easter Bovine very seriously! I need to wear appropriate clothing if I am to complete the task at hand in the allotted time + 616 more characters
It is always prudent to strive for continued competency in the various skills associated with your profession. I have, without doubt, mastered the impish leprechaun grin. Last year, I displayed my pot + 479 more characters
I've lived many places and, so far, I have yet to find a "perfect" place. That said, each place has its own positives. Much of what you find is what you expect to find. If you approach Miles City with + 1003 more characters
url Minty fresh has its merits, but milky fresh is more memorable! Pucker up and let's make a memory! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Jobie
A Great Teacher Helps You Believe! May Your Year Be Filled With Possibilities! Love, Jobie url
WARNING: Do not try this at home! Dressing felines may be hazardous to your health (unless, of course, they have successfully completed their schooling at Mr. Jobie's School of Appropriate Demeanor)! + 92 more characters
Thank you, Kay, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours (especially one very beautiful, if slightly hairy, one)! We're still working on Jobie's Christmas greeting, but anticipate we shall be timely!
The Ninth Annual Recycle to Jobie is drawing to a close. Once again, the community has shown great support by recycling edibles and straw. We appreciate your generosity more than you probably realize. + 371 more characters
Blessings 9 months ago
in General Discussion
url Mom says children learn the most from example. I am blessed and very thankful for all that others have shared with me. In return, I am sharing with Grey (although I admit I didn't know he was QUIT + 295 more characters
Thank you! It was such fun being a sprout that I ate my whole costume except for a wee nibble about an inch long. Perhaps you'd care to join me for a Halloween carrot instead? I don't "do" chocolate, + 51 more characters
url This was a challenging year for my costume! I was going to be a clown, but then clowns became too scary. My fall back costume was to be a beautiful movie star--Marilyn Monroe, but then women's iss + 805 more characters
Technically speaking, not exactly a cow (wrong parts), but a cheerful bovine (even if he doesn't know he's a bovine) seems to be a most appropriate addition at this time (if you don't go looking for J + 443 more characters
False Alarm 10 months ago
in General Discussion
url Even the best of us can make mistakes sometimes. I'm just not ready yet for the transition from "kid" to "distinguished looking"! Love, Jobie
It is with sadness that I read about your father's passing, Richard. Although I never knew him, in many ways he sounds like my grandfather and my father in his perspective and outlook. I am fortunate + 309 more characters
Exciting update: The Newcastle, Wyoming newspaper (News Letter Journal) did a wonderful feature about my Dad and his new book, They Called Me Buster. You can see the picture that they had on the front + 748 more characters
There are certain foods which, by nature, are slightly challenging to consume...particularly if you wish to impress fellow diners. As for me, impressing others has never been a concern. Making certain + 472 more characters
I now have the signed copies of my Dad's book (a limited number). If you are interested in obtaining a signed copy, please contact me at 2324433. Delivery is free in Miles City. There is a $2.50 charg + 90 more characters
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