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Thank you, Marty! If the mud wasn't so deep, I'd invite you over for a celebratory carrot! Love, Jobie
url We're not sure where it went, but the first decade has passed. As of the 16th, I'm 11! It was a long time to wait for my first balloon, but I made it! Love, Jobie
My Grandma always used to say you knew it was spring when you saw the tulips blooming in the snow! I am thrilled to know it is really spring; however, I must confess that I do prefer my tulips naked! + 55 more characters
url I'm certain that white is lovely, but in all honesty, I do believe I've had more than enough for awhile! I'm positive there must be green under all that white so I'm doing my best with positive th + 62 more characters
Nothing says love like a carrot! You nibble on one end and I'll nibble on the other. We'll meet in the middle for a Jobie kiss! Love, Jobie url
Technically, I would need four skates, Amorette; however, like for most things, I am nontraditional and have decided I will have better ballast if I only put skates on the front--at least until I mast + 161 more characters
url After our recent cold and snow, I realize I really don't like ice. Still, I have a year to figure it all out! There has to be some way to be a wonderful skater without the ice. Happy 2018! Love, J + 4 more characters
Thank you, Jeri! We had some fun with this outfit (the "scarf" is really a throw sized blanket) and Jobie had a grand time showing off for the various shots (believe I took about 40 pictures and then + 163 more characters
Thank you, Hal! Jobie is 10 1/2 now (turns 11 next May). I honestly don't remember when he started his appearances here, but it's been for quite some time now. The number of Jobie cards that go out (b + 424 more characters
I think we make a very good team. We wish you peace! Love, Jobie (a.k.a. The Bull)
CHRISTMAS BELLS I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, and wild and sweet The w + 981 more characters
Simple is the key to success! Love, Jobie url
He does have beautiful teeth. url
In truth, it's part of the "costume". The "snakes" alone weren't all that frightening so we added a bit more froth at the mouth.
url No snakes were harmed in the making of this card. No Jobie was harmed in the making of this card. No Jobie's Mom was harmed in the making of this card. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love, Jobie
A few corrections, David. The funding for the proposed project was not CTEP. The funding was under the Surface Transportation Program Urban or STPU (the majority of this is federal funding--80%, I bel + 2275 more characters
url Watermelon and milk are two of my favorite things! My friend, Duke, loves watermelon and milk, too! I love my friend, Duke, even more than watermelon and milk (way more) so I share with him! Love, + 6 more characters
url Corn stalks are the perfect snack--a bit of leafy greens and a bit of the crunchy and chewy type greens! They are most tasty, as well, and I highly recommend them! If, however, you have not develo + 106 more characters
One man's mud hole is another man's oasis. When the neighbor irrigates, one end of my area often floods. With our current heat wave, I'm more than certain I have an oasis! Love, Jobie
Zen Jobie 11 months ago
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url I am doing very well with my meditation skills; however, I confess that, on occasion, certain realities tend to creep in. I suspect it may not really be my fault, but instead, that I need a larger + 24 more characters
It's almost here. Next week (16th), I turn the big 10. I was a bit worried I would have to change and become more serious and solemn with the achievement of this great milestone of age. The Birthday B + 361 more characters
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