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Mr. Reed made the best milk shakes in town. Mr. Lawlor was a great billard player and snooker was not my game. spent a lot of time there, slot track must have been late 65 or 66.
Dog catcher, is that an elected position? That could just be the ticket for some one with extensive background in law and order.
There were two small stores on Woodbury, Bickels and Burges, I know I mis-spelled both, I used to crawl under railroad cars to get to Burges when the train was across the tracks.
I'm sorry but are Books next, there are confederate names all over the place.
Didn't Herb have a small grocery store on 7th street, the corner north of where the old Safeway store was. To me north would be towards the river.
The ping pong balls were marked for prizes and was put on by Buttrey's and Tempo. It was kind of a flop, it was windy.
Hal, did you do any ice skating on the driveway? Everyone from Miles skates right?
Thank you, I still have a soft spot for Miles.
Is there somewhere on the net we can follow the auction?
What ever happened to Dibble Buick on 7th street. Never hear anything about that one, I believe Pam Tuckers dad worked there.
Where the chute ends and the water flows out into the ditch, you could swim all the way under the flume from side to side if you stayed low enough. If you didn't stay low enough in was down the ditch. + 62 more characters
Must have filled it with cow chips.
Look at there names.
Right next to Parkers Bar, yes Mom and Dad did run it for awhile, after Dad was injured on a construction job. I don't know how or who they sold it to, I had moved to Dallas.
Thank you sir, if I get some good pictures of old Miles City I will share them with your club and Miles City. My pictures are from the 40s and 50s. My father started the Miles City Sand and Gravel, it + 79 more characters
I would join if I were in Miles City, I have a question. I was going through some old 1950ish pictures and have some of miles city main street etc. However these are negatives, the pictures are long g + 143 more characters
Has the Yellowstone frozen over this year?
Firestarter, I guess you must just be an unregistered offender.
Butch, thank you for employing all the people through all the years you worked your ass off keeping a business running in these times of main street flight. Remember you always Wayne
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I have learned to watch more and talk less, works for me but you are a much more involved person than I. I have laughed at your jokes many times, I don't know you but I like you, so Long , keep your + 14 more characters
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