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The odd part of it is why they are only dumped after 4pm on weekends. Sketchy! [Edited by Ranch Rose (7/5/2016 10:44:41 AM)]
If anyone has had 2 large dump truck loads full of tree branches and logs dumped in their property without their permission. Friday and Saturday evening after 4pm I have information on who did it.
Thank you for the specific information. Who at the State. Which department.
Does anyone know who governs the slough? It seems no one at City Hall does.
This is an interesting article. Looking to see if anyone is town knows who governs the "slough"? It seems at this time no one in the city government knows the answer. I saw Amorett and Jerry Huss are + 68 more characters
Does anyone know the total rainfall this month. Used to be on the community TV channel. Or a good site to track the rain fall
Why are there no updates on the Homicide case? This is very concerning.
Amorette, Thank you. Do you know who at the city?
Does anyone know how to get ahold of which governing body controls the slew in Miles City? I know it is the State of Montana. Looking for a department and phone number. Thank you.
Does anyone know the proper channel for filing a public nuisance in Miles city?
Is everyone allowed to dump in that area. I have seen alot of activity there while walkimg my dog. People with machinery, cutting up wood, etc. I have alot of wood to haul from my house and it is clos + 56 more characters
Kiwi Pete is amazing and very professional.
Skate parks are great for young and old.I have spent years watching my kids skate. Miles City needs a skate park. Glendive's is a perfect example. Let's get it done for everyone to enjoy.
Does anyone know of a reining horse trainer in or near miles city?
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Boer buck goat one month ago
I am looking for a young tame Boer buck. I have seen some around miles city but do not know who has them. Any help would be appreciated.