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You can have their 20 meg service and DirecTV Now with most the channels Midrivers axed all for less than $100 per month. Midrivers saved themselves a couple bucks a month at most by cutting AMC, Nic + 196 more characters
You're on a plan similar to what used to be available in Miles City. Midrivers took those options away in certain (big) markets. Those options were taken away even from existing subscribers on existi + 286 more characters
The most frustrating part of the whole thing is that back when Midrivers came into internet markets with existing options (like Miles City, Glendive, Sidney, Lewistown, etc) they essentially drove th + 1132 more characters
Centurylink offers 20mbps in Miles City now, which is enough for most things. That comes with 600 gig of data. Something that would cost you $140 month on Midrivers' new mandatory Wide Open Wallet pla + 207 more characters
Really not happy with the push towards "Wide Open Internet" in Miles City. Higher bandwidth plus $.20 per gig will really add up for heavier users. Centurylink added 20mbps service fairly recently whi + 313 more characters
So a 2009 budget passed by a Pelosi house and Reid Senate, then signed by President Obama was really Bush's fault?
Which President signed the 2009 budget?
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