Eastern Montana woman gets cancer treatment closer to home with video technology
Published 10 months ago by The Billings Gazette

Dr. Patrick Cobb, of the St. Vincent Healthcare Frontier Cancer Center, talks with patient Glenda Nigbor in Miles City via a telemedicine link on Monday. Nigbor was diagnosed in April with pancreatic cancer and lives on a ranch 50 miles outside of Miles City

Glenda Nigbor, sitting in a recliner at Holy Rosary Medical Center in Miles City on Monday, appeared on the computer monitor, her voice coming through the speakers clear and crisp.

Her oncologist, Patrick Cobb, sitting in front of the monitor at St. Vincent Healthcare's Frontier Cancer Center in Billings, was trying to engage in her conversation, but she couldn't hear him. 

He punched a button on the small control deck in front of him and suddenly Nigbor could hear his voice. 

"I see the problem," he was saying with a laugh. "I was on mute." 

Nigbor lives 50 miles outside Miles City on a ranch that sits at the end of a 22-mile dirt road.

To get anywhere involves a bit of driving; getting to Billings can take half a day. So when Nigbor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April, she knew it was going involve plenty of time in her truck.

But not as much as she thought. The video-conferencing program allows Nigbor to get the care and attention she needs without having to drive into Billings every month.  

Instead, she makes the trip ...

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