St. Vincent, sister hospitals move to regional model
Published one year ago by The Billings Gazette

St. Vincent Healthcare's CEO Steve Loveless, left, and Chief Operating Officer Michael Skehan speak about moving to a regional model Friday at the Mansfield Education Center in Billings.

St. Vincent Healthcare's CEO Steve Loveless speaks at the Mansfield Education Center on Friday.

Under the banner of “Better Together,” St. Vincent Healthcare and its sister hospitals in Montana, St. James Healthcare in Butte and Holy Rosary Hospital in Miles City, are transitioning to a regional approach.

Steve Loveless, president and CEO of St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, announced the changes Friday afternoon.

“By integrating a network of hospitals, physician practices and services across the state, we’ll increase collaboration and the sharing of resources and the sharing of expertise,” he said.

“We will be, can be better together than any one of us working individually,” Loveless added, sitting in a conference room at the Mansfield Education Center on the St. Vincent campus.

The three hospitals are all part of SCL Health, which has headquarters in Denver. SCL also has five hospitals in Colorado and one in Kansas.

The transition will include a restructuring of leadership. Loveless, who will now add regional market executive to his title, will have overarching responsibility for all three hospitals.

Michael Skehan, chief operating officer at St. Vincent, will become the regional chief operating offic ...

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