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2014 Donation Drive

MilesCity.com has been online since 1998, has featured spirited public discussion forums since 2000, and has been a user-supported website since 2010. It also hosts select non-profit sites (such as Let's Talk Miles City and the Waterworks Art Museum), provides a place to help find lost pets, has free classified ads, helps promote local businesses, and more.

Over the last year (Dec 6th 2012 - Dec 6th 2013) MilesCity.com has served almost 7 million pages (6,960,917) to over 2 hundred thousand unique visitors (201,779). In that time, it tallied over 1 million total visits (1,046,456) -- mostly to residents of the State of Montana (709,555). [Source: Google Analytics]

This amount of traffic is larger than that of many sites serving much larger audiences. To do it is not cheap. The cost to keep everything running, currently amounts to about $300+ per month -- thus the reason for this message.

If you appreciate the services this site provides to the greater Miles City, Montana community, no matter where you currently reside, please select the "Yes" link and make a contribution (in any amount) today to help ensure its continued existence.

MilesCity.com relies upon the support of people like you and every little bit helps. Thanks from the MilesCity.com staff!

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