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"Old Buffalo Hunters Camp. A relic of the Seventies."
By L.A. Huffman, Miles City, Montana. From 'Before Barbed Wire, L.A. Huffman, Photographer on Horseback', (p) 1956, Mark H. Brown and W.R. Felton.

6. "Old Buffalo Hunters Camp. A relic of the Seventies."

"This shows a buffalo hunter's log camp in the wild inaccessible butte and badland country in the Hell and Snow Creek region of North Mont. The cabin has back of it what we once termed a lookout butte, from the top of which we looked over to the south and west in the morning time at the open spaces where the last great herds of American bison ranged and were slaughtered for their tongues and robes. Young pines and creeping cypress has grown up in the trails which were once used to the springs which lay below in the gulch, now dried up..." L.A.H.

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