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 Subject: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Bob Lamb  Posted: Fri Aug 30 12:50:46 AM MDT 2002 From:

Hope you can indulge me for a few minutes of your time.

I live in Herefordshire in the UK. A good friend and neighbour has what we in the UK would call a 'Western saddle', but which I believe is a 'Coggshall' saddle made by a saddler in Miles City.

The reason I write is quite simple. My friend (Derek) bought what looked like a 'pile of cracked cardboard' about two years ago, and over many months, fed the leather, made it supple again, and began the painstaking task of cleaning it.

It is his pride and joy now - and is a real thing of beauty.

Some months ago, he began to think about the saddles origins and attempted to find out about it.

Unfortunately, he does not have access to the internet, and resorted to sending a letter to Al Furstnow, Miles City, Montana - the US Postal Service duly returned the letter saying 'Not known at this address'.... and now we both know why.

I have taken up the challenge to find a little more about the saddle.

In two places the saddle has been stamped: "Al. Furstnow Miles City, Mont." This is in a rectangular box.

In addition each 'major piece' of the saddle is stamped with the figures 110: is this the type of saddle or a specific 'Model' of saddle?

I would welcome any information about this saddle.

Where did it come from, who made it, what is a 110 saddle etc.

I would welcome any information you can provide, or even pointers to other web sites that may throw some light on the saddle in question.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Best regards,

Bob Lamb
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Fri Aug 30 8:38:45 AM MDT 2002 From:
Start by going to the Miles City Saddlery page, which can be reached from this site. They have information on the Coggshall saddles and may have some on Furstnow, since they started together many, many years ago.

And perhaps some expert will post because this is a very extensive area and Furstnow saddles are quite valuable and interesting to collectors.

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Bill Balsam  Posted: Mon Feb 10 10:58:35 AM MST 2003 From:
Al Furstnow is my wife's great grand-father. If you still have some questions about the saddle, she has several catalogs and could probably help you.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Rhonda Craner  Posted: Mon May 26 1:19:59 PM MDT 2003 From:
Hi, How special I came across this information. We have a pair of woolie chaps, stamped AL. Furstnow Miles City, Mt. with a rectangular box around it. We display them in our living room, we have many horses so decorate western & love western history. I just happened to visit this site so I could print something avout AL Furstnow to frame & display next to the chaps and came across the letter. Can only find info on saddles. Know anything about his chaps? Would love to frame any info I could get, they are a treasured conversation piece in our house. Thanks!!
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: RICK MCFREDERICK  Posted: Fri Jun 20 6:40:19 AM MDT 2003 From:
I have an Al Furstnow saddle, that was given to me by a friend, that was made for my great-grandfather, William Beattie. The saddle is stamped with the number 356 and Al's stamp along with my Grandfathers initials WLB across the back on the candle. It has a star Furstnow stamp on the seat.
Could I find out how much it cost to have it made back then, what date it was made and what it might be worth today.
I would appreciate any information you might have on it and thank you for your time. Rick McFrederick

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 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Terry Cody  Posted: Fri Jun 27 2:38:28 PM MDT 2003 From:
I also have a Al Furstnow Saddle stamp 450, but the stamp is not in a retrangle but on the front of the seat in a oval. It is very wore but parts are readiable, I would like to know more about it if anyone knows. E-mail me at thunderloader(AT) if you can help. Tnanks
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: kay jackson  Posted: Mon Jul 14 1:02:36 PM MDT 2003 From:
July 14,2003

My sister has an original Al Furstnow saddle that is stamped 1915. We believe at this time her father may have bought it new. We would like some information about it if at all possible as she is in the process of restoring it after years of being stored. We would appreciate knowing something on how to check model number etc. An 18 and a 180 have been located on the saddle. Please contact her at

Joyce Flynn
726 Comet Ct.
Rapid City, SD 57701

She does not have a computer, but if you would rather work with e-mail, please contact me at jacksonklandda(AT)
My name is Kay Jackson and my address is 2705 terra st
rapid city, sd 57703. Phone 605-341-7727.

Thank you so much for any help you can give us.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Annette Deer  Posted: Sat Aug 2 10:00:26 AM MDT 2003 From:
i own a al furstnow saddle stamped 110 i think it is a model number mine has the name jack hogan on the back the man it was made for. you can contact me if you like i collect old phone number is 307-735-2055 glendo, wy
vick deer
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Annette Deer  Posted: Sat Aug 2 10:03:15 AM MDT 2003 From:
i own a al furstnow saddle with the name jack hogan on the back this was the man it was made for just wondering if you might have anymore information or records on it
vick deer
glendo, wy
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Beth Hekkel  Posted: Sun Sep 21 1:56:52 PM MDT 2003 From:
Hi Bill,

I was delighted to find that your wife is a relative of Al Furstnow. When I was growing up, I used my dad's saddle and
thought it was the best in the world. It's what made riding such a pleasure. When I went off to college, my dad
sold the saddle to a neighbor. Over the years, I tried to buy it back, but he wouldn't part with it. Yesterday, at the neighbor's
farm auction, I took the high bid, and got the saddle back--I was thrilled! By talking with several gentleman at the sale,
they told me it had the stamp of Al Furstnow--now I'm wondering what year it was made, what the model number
is, etc. If your wife has catalogs available for sale, I'd love to purchase one to try to find out more history on my memorable
old saddle.

Thank you so much for your time. Please send a reply to bhekkel(AT)

Beth Hekkel
Culbertson, MT 59218
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Suzy Barrier  Posted: Sun Nov 2 6:41:58 PM MST 2003 From:
I am an Al Furstnow collector and am always on the lookout for Al Furstnow collectibles and new facts about the history of Al Furstnow Saddlery.

To answer a few of the peoples questions -

The person with the 110 pattern Al Furstnow saddle has a saddle that Furstnow called "The Arapahoe". The age could be anywhere from the 1890s to the 1940s.

The person with the 450 pattern Al Furstnow saddle has a saddle that Furstnow called "The Cowtown". The age could be anywhere from the 1890s to the 1940s.

To the person with the woolie chaps, all I could tell you is that the same time applies as above as to when they were made. As far as the style, if you could give me a better description, i.e., color, shotgun style or batwing style, type of tooling on the belt, etc., I could possibly send you a picture of the pair of chaps from a Furstnow catalog that I have.

For a little history on Furstnow, I would suggest a book labeled Old Saddles and Spurs (Look on the Internet for that title, and I am sure you will find it, otherwise look for "The Ruxton Trading Post" in Colorado - he is the author of the book and has the books for sale on the Internet). The book has a history of Furstnow among other saddleries and spur makers.

As an FYI, Al Furstnow was in business from the late 1890s to the 1940s. Al Furstnow died in the mid-1920s, but his saddlery continued on under his son-in-law Al Moreno until I believe the late 1940s.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask away any questions you may have.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Darrel Gunderson  Posted: Sun Dec 7 9:06:29 AM MST 2003 From:
Hi, I just found this forum about Al Furstnow - my dad has a black #2 silver horn western saddle - made in either 1905 or 1906 for Torvel T. Fosoldt of North Dakota - died in 1910. My uncle, Red Gunderson acquired the saddle in approx. 1947 from Sophia Stokkeland who had been married to Torvel. The saddle is in excellent condition -

Can anyone with knowledge of this saddle help me with an approximate value?

Thanks in advance -
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Lori Halverson   Posted: Sun Feb 22 11:53:33 AM MST 2004 From:
Dear Suzy,

I hate to bother you but I am impressed with your knowledge of the older Furstnow saddles. My husband's family has a Furstnow saddle that has been handed down since his great-grandfather homesteaded near the South Dakota/Montana state line. It has the #405 stamped on it. Can you tell me anything about this particular saddle?


Lori Halverson
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Dogmocassins  Posted: Wed Feb 25 9:07:21 AM MST 2004 From:
Hau Suzy. I restore leather goods for a living.
Recently, I got a pair of batwing chaps in for restoration, stamped AL. FURSTNOW with MILES CITY, MONTANA below that, on the belt. These are relatively fancy chaps in that they have german silver conchos down each side & stars made of rivets on the lower outer corners & up near the belt. They are in process, and when I began to clean them, it definitely appears the outer section of each one is some shade of yellow, while the main body of the chaps is cocoa brown.
My question is, do you know if Furstnow Saddlery made any bi-color chaps? When I re-dye them, I want to take them as close to their original color(s) as I can.
These chaps belonged to the owner's grandfather. The machine stitching tells me they were probably made between 1915 and 1940, but past that, I have no other information as to the year they were made. Might you?
They have a long deep pocket on each side and are full 1/8" thick. From the feel after their first cleaning, I believe they are bullhide rather than cow. They were worn for work and/or rodeo & the wear marks on them tell me they were probably used for roping and branding.
Thank you for any information you can give me. These are definitely "keepers", and having known about Furstnow Saddlery since I was a child, I feel really lucky to have them for restoration, since they are definitely worth the investment in time and care.
Many blessings.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: lori gouldy  Posted: Sat Mar 20 2:58:15 PM MDT 2004 From:
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 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Suzy  Posted: Sat Mar 27 4:28:53 PM MDT 2004 From:
Sorry for the delay. I haven't been on here in a while.

From now on, if you have any questions please email me directly at sbardwest(AT) You will get a quicker response.

Mr. Gunderson. You have a very nice saddle that I would love to have. It is the Premium No. 2 Saddle. Square skirt with lots of floral tooling. It was the second best saddle that Furstnow made costing $100 back in the 1910s to 20s. He made that saddle for most of his duration, so I couldn't really give you an age. Value -- I can't really tell you without seeing it. If it is in good shape with no repairs on the saddle, then I would say you could easily fetch between $2000 to $3000. But, you would have to take into account condition of the leather, replacements on the saddle, original wool lining or replaced (also was it replaced in the original holes). How many scars are on it? Is it personalized? If at all possible I would like to see a few pictures of it. You can email me them at the above email address.


Your #405 saddle will be an earlier saddle from the 1900s to 1930s. It should be a square skirted saddle with a nice checkerboard style border tooling. It was a $54 saddle back in the early 20s. Value: see above as far as condition, etc. But, I would say in the range of $1500 to $2500 depending upon condition. I would love to see a pic. I could give you a better idea of value at that point.


Sorry, your question probably already needed a response. Nevertheless, to answer your question. Yes, Furstnow did make two-tone and even three-tone chaps. Often the parade and very fancy chaps were two-toned with black and yellow or white. The last pair I saw was the premium pair with spots all over the chaps. They were mustard yellow and black in color. I hope this helps. I would love to see a picture of them pre and post restoration if at all possible.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Jeanne Oliphant  Posted: Tue Jun 22 2:43:10 PM MDT 2004 From:
Hi: I am writing from Marblehead, MA. I have an Al Furstnow saddle that is soooo comfortable, However, I no longer have a horse and am considering selling the saddle etc., but need to know more about it. It is number 487 and has the initials MOC on the rear of the high cantle. It belonged to the mother of a woman who lives in NH. This mother apparently roped cattle from it - it has the rope marks on the horn - in the 20's I believe the daughter said. It has wonderful saddle bags with it. Can you tell me anything about when this was made and its worth??? Thank you so much. Jeanne
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Jeanne Oliphant  Posted: Sat Jul 3 11:16:29 AM MDT 2004 From:
Hi: Did you ever find out what your saddle is worth?? I have #407 and haven't heard back from anyone! Thanks. Jeanne Oliphant
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Alan Locke  Posted: Sun Aug 29 1:18:43 PM MDT 2004 From:
Dear Suzy, I,m writing to find out what I have. One is a #100 with a silver horn,4" cantle & 15" seat,saddlebags made on the skirt and I beleive they're called chapoderos over the stirrups. The other the # is worn off but it is nearly the same saddle except with a bronze horn & my grandfather's initials tooled into the cantle. My grandfather Will Locke bought these saddles new and carried mail in them in Brazos county, Texas. I learned how to ride in these and we broke a lot of horses. I never knew any of the history of these saddles and I would like to have them overhauled. Could you lead me to someone who could do this with the original designs in mind?
Thanks, Alan Locke
Email: kathy_smokey(AT)
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Herbert Bue  Posted: Wed Nov 3 8:04:02 PM MDT 2004 From: - MT
Suzie: I found this website by accident when I put in AL Furstnow Saddles for a search. But what caught my interest is a #405 Furstnow saddle that Lori spoke about.
I have a #405 Furstnow saddle, but it's a round skirted saddle with an oval makers stamped up on the top side of the seat.
My question is two fold: Can you tell me what the 405 means? Is it the number of saddles made in this style OR is it the number of a model type? It is a 15" seat in good shape. The leather on the cantel looks to have been repaired and a piece of the skirt had been repaired. I noticed 3 rose engravings on the back side of the seat. The horn is rawhid. The rest of the tooling is I believe is basket weaved. To me this saddle seemed to have been used recently. It looks to have the orginal wool and the color is beautiful. Is there a way you can tell it's age or what it might be worth?
Curiously awaiting your answer.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Suzy  Posted: Wed Nov 3 11:48:17 PM MDT 2004 From:
Dear Herbert:

The No. 405 is the pattern. In this instance, it is the border style basketweave-like pattern on the saddle. Often, a buyer could choose the type of skirt whether it be a round, square, rounded square, or oregonian style skirt.

Some people will tell you that round skirts are often a later saddle that began in the 20s to 30s. From my research, I can tell you that there were some round skirts offered in the teen's by Al Furstnow.

As far as dating a saddle, the fork and size of the swells are often the key in identifying the age of a saddle. The larger the swells usually the newer the saddle.

Value on a round skirt with repairs is usually not too high. It would probably be in the $200 range as a using saddle, but again, that would depend on condition, rideability, etc.

I hope this helps clear u your questions.

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Donator Jeri Dalbec  Posted: Sat Nov 6 8:53:01 PM MDT 2004 From: - MT
To Bill Balsam: We purchased the Al Furstnow home at 1010 Pleasant St. in 1990. Although we have talked to Mrs. Moreno several times and she has visited the home, I am wondering if there are any early photos available or other interesting bits of information. Thanks, Jeri Dalbec
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Herbert Bue  Posted: Sun Nov 7 10:42:31 AM MST 2004 From: - MT
Thanks Susie. After writing to you, I found more information on these saddles. I went through our old saddles here at the ranch and found several other ones that we have. My grandfather and father kept everything. Since we were a large sheep operation in the early 1900's I'm not surprized at finding some really old saddles. Some being the Furstnow a Hamley & Co. and a Mueller saddle which my dad had made before he went into the service in the early 1940's.
I appreciate your knowlede and quick response. This is a very nice site and as I mentioned, just a fluke to have found it!
Now I have a much keener eye in looking over my families treasures.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Suzy  Posted: Wed Feb 9 4:16:44 PM MST 2005 From:
Please note to all that I have changed my email address to sbardwest(AT) If you have any questions on Furstnow, please either send me an email or post here and send me an email to let me know that you have posted a message for my review.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Chad  Posted: Wed Feb 9 4:55:33 PM MST 2005 From: - MT
Does all this interest in Furstnow and Cogshall saddles mean Miles City is back on the map again?

All you folks with these saddles and chaps should schedule a visit to our little town out West. Check out the saddle shops, Bucking Horse Sale and other bits of still active western lore.

See you in May?
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Susan Lee  Posted: Sat Feb 19 9:08:16 AM MST 2005 From: - MN
I have a saddle stamped Al Furstnow also. It is a number 488 and has square skirts stamped Al Furstnow Miles City.
I've looked all over and can't seem to find any information on this saddle number anywhere.
Does anyone know whne it was made, what is it's approx. worth and any information about it?
Either post here or email me! leeshorses(AT)
Thank you!
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Suzy  Posted: Fri Apr 1 12:38:09 AM MDT 2005 From:
This isn't Furstnow related, but if anyone has a C. E. Coggshall, Miles City, MT gun rig or holster out there that they want to sell, please send me an email at sbardwest(AT) Thanks.

I hope I have helped and will continue to help all of you with your Furstnow questions.

Best regards,

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Julie Draper  Posted: Thu Jul 14 2:47:39 PM MDT 2005 From: - SD
My family has an Al Furstnow saddle, stamped 205 with the initials FJH. Could anyone tell me how old this is. thank you
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Dan Whyms  Posted: Sat Jul 16 10:00:28 PM MDT 2005 From: - WA
I was born and raised where Al Furstnow was.( Fond du Lac, Wisc.) I inherited my grandfathers pocket watch that is labled A.H. Furstnow Co. Fond du lac,Wisconsin. It's an old Railroad watch. Can you tell me how long Al and his brother Herman were in business in Wisconsin ( I know Al's father Charles was a harness maker from Prussia)before they both came West? Any help you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Dan Whyms
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: angelo pecora  Posted: Mon Nov 21 2:51:43 PM MST 2005 From: - MI
Hi Suzy;

This is a Furstnow saddle question you may be able to answer... I have a round skirt model 489 I just got out of California. It came with an old scabbord with no maker mark. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm gonna replace the strings since they are were put on at a later date and don't match the saddle. Some one replaced the cantle binding and in doing so pulled the seat back about a quarter of an inch obviously to get enough leather back there to put the binding on. In doing so they partially covered the initials that are on the back of the cantle...too bad but still a pretty nice saddle. Alot of dally work on the horn since there are nice rope grooves. I think the saddle saw service out west and the scabbord has a crude /D carved into it. Enough babling I quess. Curious about age and worth. I'm a custom saddle builder here in Mi. and it has outside leathers so I took it as 1890 or turn of the century but it may be later.

Angelo Pecora
e-mail; soresaddleholster(AT)
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Kent Manor  Posted: Mon Feb 12 12:07:23 PM MST 2007 From:

We have two childrens saddles made by Al Furstnow saddlery. I was wondering if you could tell me about when they were made? The one I just bought has a number 233 on the back of the cantle and the other has a 485 on the back of its cantle. My email is kmanor(AT)
I know they are very well made saddles but I just wanted to know a little more about them. Thanks a lot.

Kent Manor
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Lynn Head  Posted: Sat Jun 23 5:50:09 PM MDT 2007 From: - BC
Hi! I as well have an Al Furstnow saddle stamped 488. I just purchased it from a friend. I would appreciate any information you have been able to find on this particular saddle. Thanks Lynn
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Lynn Head  Posted: Sat Jun 23 5:52:46 PM MDT 2007 From: - BC
Hi! I just purchased a Al Furstnow saddle with stamp No. 488 in the seat area. I know nothing about this saddle. It needs some work which I intend to do myself. Any information you have and can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lynn
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: rachel  Posted: Fri May 9 8:27:31 AM MDT 2008 From:

I have 3 miles city saddles that I would love to know some info on and what they may be worth? one has the #478, one is #405 and one is a cogshall stamped miles city original cogshall but I can't find a number anywhere, just has J.R.N. stamped on the back of the cantle.

any info would help thanks
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: cariliz  Posted: Fri May 30 7:48:15 AM MDT 2008 From: - MT
FYI, there is an auction sale near Brockway coming up in June that is offering a Furstnow saddle. The link is here:
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: becky volland  Posted: Tue Jul 22 5:50:56 PM MDT 2008 From:
Did you get any information that you could use

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: rachel  Posted: Tue Jul 29 9:45:14 PM MDT 2008 From:
hi not really but I have decided to keep the one and I need to sell the #405, but am not sure where is a good place to list it. Do you have any suggestions or know anyone looking for one. it is in really nice cond.

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: rachel  Posted: Tue Jul 29 9:45:45 PM MDT 2008 From:
please email me at ridngold(AT)

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: becky volland  Posted: Wed Jul 30 9:25:26 PM MDT 2008 From:
Rachel if you ar anywhere near the Portland, Oregon area use Craigs list Several people there are looking for Furtnow saddles

How much are you asking
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Steve Wagner  Posted: Fri Jun 18 2:58:56 PM MDT 2010 From:
Any chance that Al Moreno (Furstnow's son-in-law) had a brother by the name of Frank Moreno that was also a saddle maker in the early 1900's? I have a "F.M. Moreno" saddle that dates back to that era and I'm trying to find more information about it.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Cindy Stalcup  Posted: Fri Jun 18 4:07:52 PM MDT 2010 From: - MT
I think these are the Moreno saddlemakers you're looking for---

Los Angeles Times, Jan 18, 1910
- J. F. Moreno, One of Spanish Old Guard, Dies at Date Street Home After Life Residence Here. -

J. F. Moreno, Spanish pioneer in Los Angeles, died early yesterday morning at his home, No 807 Date street.

Mr. Moreno was in the saddle business at Los Angeles and Aliso streets for more than forty-five years, and watched the business of the town grow from the small beginnings of village traffic to the world commerce of a great city. He was 70 years of age at the time of his death, and had been ill, of a cancerous complaint, for about six months.

Mr. Moreno is survived by a large family, five boys, three girls and a widow. All the children save two are married.

Several of his sons have won distinction, and all are doing well and are a credit to the family name. Edward Moreno holds a responsible government position as an original employe of the Taft regime in Manila. P. I. Claude Moreno is a chief accountant on the Los Angeles aquaduct, Albert and Frank Moreno are in the saddlery business, while Julio Moreno is a plumber.

The daughters are Miss Lola Moreno, Mrs. L. C. Florez and Mrs. C. G. Lopez.

Funeral services will be held at the Plaza Church at 10 a.m. tomorrow. The interment will be at Calvary Cemetery.
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: cwhiteside  Posted: Sun Aug 11 4:37:14 PM MDT 2013 From: - BC
I have a question
I have a early Al.Furstnow saddle that has been handed down
The only other mark on this saddle is a 05
This is stamped in under the cinch ring on the left side front
The saddle is a high back with incredible markings and a iron heart shaped horn
It was quite a well equips saddle with rope hangers on both sides of the horn that are buckle type
It has some of the original felt pad but has been hanging I the family barn for thirty plus yrs
I would like to have a local saddle maker restore it and ride in it myself as it was my great grandfathers stock saddle an they moved to Alberta Canada from Nebraska at the turn of the century
Any one with some more info just email me I would like to know more about
This saddle and I know I should leave it but I need to ride in this saddle for the rest of my days
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: Trixi French  Posted: Sun Dec 8 4:41:22 PM MST 2013 From: - OR
I have a saddle marked 478 that belonged to my Grandmother and have been trying to find info on when it was made and the value. Can anybody help?

reply to lilgoul at aol dot com please

 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: LuAnn Rittenhouse  Posted: Sat Jan 25 12:02:53 AM MST 2014 From: - WI
 Subject: RE: Al Furstnow saddles
Author: eric pinkert  Posted: Fri Jun 27 11:46:47 AM MDT 2014 From: - CA
I have an Al Furstnow saddle stamped #49 made in Miles City Montana, does anybody know what its worth? Its in great shape i use it daily its a 14 inch high back with tall swells and no back cinch an has the initials LWV on the back of the seat
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