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 Dumpster Diving?, Kyle L. Varnell, 4/25/2009 5:42:15 PM
 RE: Dumpster Diving?Donator Richard Bonine, Jr, 4/25/2009 6:03:39 PM
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 RE: Dumpster Diving?, Buck Showalter, 4/27/2009 9:48:37 PM
 RE: Dumpster Diving?, T Brown, 4/28/2009 4:35:14 AM
 Subject: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Kyle L. Varnell  Posted: Sat Apr 25 5:42:15 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
Couple found having sex inside dumpster

[This message has been edited by Kyle L. Varnell (4/25/2009)]
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Donator Richard Bonine, Jr  Posted: Sat Apr 25 6:03:39 PM MDT 2009 From: - WY
Kyle: have you ever considered getting a second job. big grin WAY too much time on your hands.
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Brian A. Reed  Posted: Sat Apr 25 9:30:51 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
Were they hurting anyone? If not, who cares?

Gotta have sex someplace.
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Ryan  Posted: Sun Apr 26 9:39:42 AM MDT 2009 From: - MT
That is just wrong!!barf
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Kacey  Posted: Sun Apr 26 9:51:25 AM MDT 2009 From: - MT
My age is really showing! I saw the title and immediately thought about the OLDEN days when we'd pick the beer bottles out of the dumpsters and sell them for gas money to drag Main!
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Buck Showalter  Posted: Sun Apr 26 12:26:42 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
Some people like it dirty
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: T Brown  Posted: Sun Apr 26 3:38:58 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: tjh  Posted: Sun Apr 26 9:33:49 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
Was it their dumpster ?? No, that's what's the matter with it.
As well the young man was wanted by another police department. Also a safety issue for them to be doing that in the dumpster. Sorry to rain on their fun but they could find a little better place to do that!
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: jessiker  Posted: Sun Apr 26 11:44:51 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
Is it public indecency, since they were *technically* inside of something? smile

So gross....
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: RA  Posted: Mon Apr 27 6:09:35 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT

 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: Buck Showalter  Posted: Mon Apr 27 9:48:37 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
tjh, it's my decision whether or not I hump in a dumpster - I'm not hurting you and I know the risks
 Subject: RE: Dumpster Diving?
Author: T Brown  Posted: Tue Apr 28 4:35:14 AM MDT 2009 From: - MT
Seriously....How could anyone "get Busy" in a stinky, nasty dumpster? A person certainly could not be enjoying themselves if they have to hold their breath for so long...Or short...whatever the case may be. barf
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