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 I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!, KELLY BABCOCK, 8/31/2009 9:16:22 PM
 RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!, Kenny Vail, 9/2/2009 4:49:05 PM
 RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!, Ellen Compton, 9/12/2009 11:55:47 PM
 RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!, Kenny Vail, 9/14/2009 8:33:39 AM
 Subject: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!
Author: KELLY BABCOCK  Posted: Mon Aug 31 9:16:22 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
Hi Kenny,
I see that you do still check in every now and then, but any attempt that I make to reach you via private e-mail, sends it to the old pacbell address, and it gets returned. Would you reverse the process, and e-mail me? I'm sure my address is up to date.
 Subject: RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!
Author: Kenny Vail  Posted: Wed Sep 2 4:49:05 PM MDT 2009 From: - TX
Kelly, you ol' DOG!

I heard you bit the dust a few years ago. They said you had kidney failure on a quart of Johnny Walker Red out at X's grave.

Evidently the obit was in error. However, I can't figure how to email you through this server. Try me at ktkv8(AT)

Beidler Fan, Kenny
 Subject: RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!
Author: Ellen Compton  Posted: Sat Sep 12 11:55:47 PM MDT 2009 From: - OR
Beidler, if I am not mistaken, hung the outlaw Big Nose George Parrott that my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, brought in to jail. Schmalsle was an Indian guide, Scout, and Courier to Lieutenant Baldwin and General Miles. I heard that Beidler had a remote cabin in Yellowstone Park. Somehow I found out that a shovel with his name on it might be in a Montana museum. I wish everyone involved with researching Beidler, General Miles, Red River Wars, Red Cloud, German Sisters, etc. could have a reunion, perhaps in the form of a camp out. Also, I wish there was a website where everything on the Red River Wars could be located.
Ellen K. Compton
 Subject: RE: I'm still lookin' fer ya legend!
Author: Kenny Vail  Posted: Mon Sep 14 8:33:39 AM MDT 2009 From: - TX
Hi Ellen,
Actually, after some dogged research it turns out that Schmalsle had two encounters with "Big Nose" George Parrot. He was in a posse that captured Parrott (and a couple of confederates) about 12 miles outside Miles City in 1879. The judge (Carmichael)was crooked and the evidence against the gang perjured. They got out on bail - Beidler re-arrested George - he got out again and took his band away off to the north and then west for over a year.

Beidler suffered his frustrations regarding "Big Nose" George. When Schalsle made the last arrest in 1880 the Wyoming athorities were contacted immediately. Quietly and secretly a small detachment of lawdogs from down there came up, whisked Parrott out the back door of the county jail at Miles City (to avoid potential reprisal from gang members) and took him back to Wyoming to face 1878 murder charges. From that point the story is common knowledge.

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