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 Cafe Utza!, Joe Whalen, 4/27/2005 7:29:37 PM
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 Subject: Cafe Utza!
Author: Joe Whalen  Posted: Wed Apr 27 7:29:37 PM MDT 2005 From: - MT
Congratulations to Kara Stewart on the soft opening of her new espresso and pastry cafe next to the Great Grains grocery at 21 S. 9th St.!

This place is, without question, the hippest thing to happen downtown in the 3 years that I've lived here. The intelligent design of this locally-owned shop alone has raised the bar for all of us doing business downtown - say nothing of the great pastries, coffee, and service.

Kara worked at the Gallatin Gateway Inn before moving back home and striking out on her own. We need more innovative homecomers like Ms. Stewart.

Much success to you, Kara!

p.s. - "Utza" is Basque for black coffee
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Wed Apr 27 8:10:45 PM MDT 2005 From: - MT
And a round of applause for the whole Stewart clan! Kara's mamma makes a mighty fine pastry and her daddy can hang chain, boy-o.

Fair trade coffees, roasted in house, and tasty snacks. She ran out today when someone bought three dozen pastries right off the bat (we miss a good bakery) but should the chocolate truffle cheesecake reappear, my husband recommends it highly!

 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: Donator Tucker Bolton  Posted: Thu Apr 28 5:16:04 AM MDT 2005 From: - MT
The scones are perfect and the coffee is out of sight.
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: MCGirl  Posted: Thu Apr 28 7:38:25 AM MDT 2005 From: - MT
Way to go, Stew! I had a very excellent Chai latte, which was better (and better priced!) than the ones that got me through college. What a cool place. Love the hip decor. LOVE the yummies. And it got me into Great a double whammy!
Congrats to the Stewart family--your hard work has paid off!
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: Donator Richard Bonine, Jr  Posted: Thu Apr 28 8:34:52 AM MDT 2005 From: - WY
Guess I will have to venture North. I missed out on the Bar-b-que. Hopefully this place will be open until at least the BHS. big grin
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: remus  Posted: Thu Apr 28 9:59:29 AM MDT 2005 From: - MT
Its called "Kafe Utza", which is Basque for black coffee.
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: Dan  Posted: Fri Apr 29 1:43:45 PM MDT 2005 From: - MT
stopped in today and enjoyed it, cool place!
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: Chad  Posted: Wed May 4 8:33:51 AM MDT 2005 From: - MT
Most excellent cherry cobler/tart things! I'm looking forward to adding to my girth.

As someone with an eye for design I'm glad to see something more contemporary, especially when it's done simply with common materials. It's a fresh change for Miles City.

Keep up the good work!
 Subject: RE: Cafe Utza!
Author: gypsykim  Posted: Wed May 4 2:05:23 PM MDT 2005 From: - MT
The key lime cheesecake is excellent!! Great coffee--more than just colored water.
I'll be back! Good luck to you.
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