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 Kindle DX?, Kyle L. Varnell, 5/6/2009 12:58:25 PM
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 Subject: Kindle DX?
Author: Kyle L. Varnell  Posted: Wed May 6 12:58:25 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
Kindle DX

Jumbo Kindle to cost $489

Amazon certainly didn't get any money from me with the first generation of their clunky Kindle. They never saw a dime with their second version that was less of a pain to lug around and now they won't see anything with this version either.

Sorry but I'm not spending $600 bucks to look at a screen when I can just as easily flip the pages of a $5 book. At nearly 10" this thing just looks bad, way too easy to drop and damage it and is just as clunky as the original.barf

Sorry Bezos, but you're just not going to kill the experience of walking into a bookstore, picking up a new (or used for that matter) book and flipping through the pages.

Touching a button and staring at a screen? Not for me.barf

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 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Dan Mowry  Posted: Wed May 6 1:20:23 PM MDT 2009 From: - IA
Kyle, I think you should complete the statement of protest by standing on Main Street with a sandwich board sign proclaiming everything you just typed on this online forum. wink

btw - I'm having a hard time just getting past how ugly the Kindle is.
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Kyle L. Varnell  Posted: Wed May 6 1:21:58 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
How's this Danwink
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Wendy Wilson  Posted: Wed May 6 2:22:39 PM MDT 2009 From: - UT
I hate this idea. Books should be read and reread, dog-eared, dropped on the floor next to your bed, and left on airplanes for the next guy. They should be collected and shared. Book stores are my favorite stores.
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Levi Forman  Posted: Wed May 6 4:52:00 PM MDT 2009 From:
I have a friend that is a constant reader and she loves her kindle. I have played with it and it's pretty nifty, but the price is too high for me to consider, plus I like having something to put on the bookshelf after I finish reading it. I did read an eBook on my PDA once though and I actually liked it, and that was a 2.5" X 4" screen Also, the electronic books cost about as much as the paper kind so it's not going to pay for itself in savings on books. It's a heck of a lot easier to store and carry around than the 3500 books that will fit on it if anyone actually collected that many.
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Bob L.  Posted: Wed May 6 5:34:17 PM MDT 2009 From: - ND

I know some folks who love their Kindles...but I'm still on your side.
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Buck Showalter  Posted: Wed May 6 6:33:46 PM MDT 2009 From: - WA
I don't think it's worth taking sides - it's like being afraid there will be no more stoves because the George Foreman grill is superior. Fear, like books and stoves, is important to Kyle. This thing is the George Foreman grill of reading.

Reason to consider buying a kindle?

That just might be worth it.
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Wed May 6 7:14:22 PM MDT 2009 From: - MT
What if you are a bathtub reader?
 Subject: RE: Kindle DX?
Author: Donator Richard Bonine, Jr  Posted: Wed May 6 8:19:58 PM MDT 2009 From: - WY
TMI eek!
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