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 Photographer Booen, Richard Sparks, 2/22/2009 12:44:33 PM
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 Subject: Photographer Booen
Author: Richard Sparks  Posted: Sun Feb 22 12:44:33 PM MST 2009 From: - MT
Anyone know anything about a photographer name of Booen who would have been around Miles City in the early 1920's?
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Jim Jones  Posted: Sun Feb 22 7:33:11 PM MST 2009 From: - MT
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Cindy Stalcup  Posted: Tue Feb 24 12:53:11 PM MST 2009 From: - MT
I couldn't find a Booen in 1920 or 1930 Montana census in Miles City.

Earlier this month I saw a large Booen photograph offered on EBay. It was some sort of Farm Bureau special trip with a large group of people from Indiana and Minnesota posed in front of a train in Miles City. I had assumed the photographer was from Austin, Minnesota Booen Photography and had traveled with the group. I have seen Booen Photography portraits taken in the Midwest on sites like Dead Fred's.

The JO Booen referred to in the Kitty Booen story has at least one panorama photo in the Library of Congress.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Sharon Robben  Posted: Wed Apr 6 9:03:09 PM MDT 2011 From: - MN
What type of info are you looking for? I have some basic geneological info on James O Booen as his father & my great-grandfather were first cousins.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Wed Apr 6 9:22:53 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
He had a panoramic camera and took lots of those wonderful photos in the 1920's. I gave my box of his photos, which included family photos, to his grandson about ten years ago. He worked in adjacent states like the Dakotas as well. Many of his panoramics are on display at the Ranger Riders Museum but he isn't "collected" the way Huffmans or Barthelmess are.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Jeanine  Posted: Thu Jun 14 3:12:16 PM MDT 2012 From: - IA
My maiden was "Booen". My uncle's name was Sherman. You can google his name and you'll find a lot of information. He passed away about a year ago at the age of 98. He was my favorite uncle. He wrote books and did a lot of genealogy. He gave me his book to make copies of and had flyers in the book. One of the flyers, he asked me to keep, mentioned J.O.Booen.

Is there anything I can help you with?
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Judy Hiscock  Posted: Wed Jun 20 10:50:53 AM MDT 2012 From:
I have panoramic Booen photograph of a ranch located at the old Sitting Bull Springs in Ekalaka. Want more information about the area. Thanks.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Cindy Stalcup  Posted: Wed Jun 20 2:50:57 PM MDT 2012 From: - MI
Maybe someone at the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka can help you.
Email ccmuseum(AT)
phone 406/775-6886

The museum has published county family history books.

I did a place search for Sitting Bull Springs and could only find one in New Mexico.

You may already know that Ekalaka was named for Ijkalaka which is Sioux for swift one. She was a great niece or something similar of Sitting Bull's and also a niece of Red Cloud's. She was married to one of first settlers in that area David Russell.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Dora Nelson  Posted: Tue Apr 2 2:41:27 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
The Baker, MT radio station KFLN 960 AM posted a photo on their facebook page yesterday with c Baker Mont Booen on it and was wondering if anyone knows what year it was from. It looks like a circus parade through town circa early 1900s. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone knew when it was taken? Thank you in advance.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Cindy Stalcup  Posted: Tue Apr 2 8:30:32 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Nice call. It is1915.
There is a similiar photo in book showing a fire on main street in Baker. It shows same sign for wild west show May 28.
 Subject: RE: Photographer Booen
Author: Dora Nelson  Posted: Wed Apr 3 11:59:55 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Thank you so much Cindy, your dating that photo is greatly appreciated and the extra info is too cool. Thanks again.
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