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Posted by Webmaster (+9152) 15 days ago
The primary purpose of the discussion forums is for public discussion. They were not intended to be a dumping ground of links to every single external news article or video on the Internet.

Repetitively posting news links that receive no user engagement or discussion or debate defeats the purpose of the forums.

Mary Catherine, this is directed to you. I'm requesting, for the second time now, that you stop carpet bombing the site with external news links - especially, when (as mentioned above) it becomes apparent there is little or no user engagement or discussion or debate on what you are posting.

It is OK to post links to news stories and such, but when you keep doing it over and over and no one is responding - then there has to be a line. At some point it just becomes pollution.

I myself am tired of looking at the wasteland you've laid to some of the forums. And I'm sorry if that seems harsh, but that's the reality. For God's sake, one of the latest topics has 13 replies in a row from you - which are not replies to *anyone* - with no one else engaging or commenting in return.

So I need to ask you to stop. I'm asking you now.

Thanks, Larry Webmaster
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Posted by cubby (+2320) 15 days ago
Thank you Larry!!!
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Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2918) 15 days ago

I did not realize that this web site was for discussion purposes only.

Admittedly, I have posted many breaking news stories as events have unfolded on this website from newspapers of record -- because the news I post is frequently not in the local papers.

Since you are apparently not interested in the news. I will stop posting.

Thank you for clarifying things.

Mary Catherine Dunphy
Miles City, MT
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Posted by Cheryl Gaer-Barlow (+398) 14 days ago
To Mary Catherine
I don't know you, but I expect, from the Webmaster's letter to you, that your feelings are hurt. I don't often bring up, but when I do, I like reading your posts. They add a little zip, kick and controversy to the website.
I must tell you, I disagree with almost everything you write but the diversity of opinions expressed here can open up understanding and even change one's preconcieved opinions.
I don't like clicking on the "external news links" which you want us to read. I like to read YOUR opinions! You don't need another news clip to reinforce your opinion. You seem to be a strong, independent lady! You have a fire in you which others may call fanatic, but what ever it is, it must be expressed! Perhaps you should write books, magazine articles or go into politics!
It's my hope you don't stop contributing to this website. You appear to be an intelligent, young lady with a lot to say!
Because I don't agree with what you say doesn't diminish the fact that you bring up interesting feelings and opinions about things happening in the world. I like that you don't criticize others who post their thoughts. Maybe your kindness comes through your writings, which is why it's so interesting.
I sincerely hope you reconsider your decision to stop all postings. Whatever you decide, I wish you well and hope you don't lose your fire!
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Posted by The man from snowy plains (-214) 13 days ago
Thank you Larry..I would think MCD won't be absent on the Forum long, but she just might change her OCD meds...LMAO
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Posted by Earl Bennett (+510) 9 days ago
Reply to The man from snowy plains (#377200)
Snowy, really I think she's just baiting YOU ! ...
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Posted by garywh (+10) 8 days ago

I wholeheartedly agree with your message to MCDunphy. What was formerly an interesting and lively exchange of ideas became endless tiresome repetition by the "troll". I lost any interest in posts that opened with her name and perceive that many others also no longer participate when they see her name.
Original thinking and creative posts are OK - regardless of viewpoint. Endless posting of headlines and articles from other sources is inexcusable. I do not care to be flooded with such drivel.
Gary H
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