ICE's Gets Extra $200 Mil. for 3.6 Billion Budget
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2850) 11 days ago
Why? Because locking up migrant kids is expensive. This is a shameful policy!

"It's Not Just FEMA: ICE Quietly Got an Extra $200 Million" by Tal Kopan, CNN, September 12, 2018

Posted by The man from snowy plains (-196) 11 days ago
Good ol CNN ,,the most trusted name in Liberal news. Gotta get that BREAKING NEWS EVERY HOUR or just make it up.
Posted by The man from snowy plains (-196) 10 days ago
MCD since you have never been to the Canada or Mexico boarder. I can guarantee you won't waddle through with a "HEY, you folks can come into my Liberals kingdome any time you want...I'm just going pack some whiskey and cigarettes your country Let us know how it works out for ya.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+11902) 10 days ago
Hay-Zeus. At least Odd job can spell and type using the Queens English.
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