Trump-Russia Dossier Interview by J. Mayer
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2852) 6 months ago
For those of you following the Trump-Russia collusion and investigation into the 2016 presidential election, you must absolutely listen to Terry Gross interview Jane Mayer, a New Yorker journalist who has written what I consider to be the definitive account of Russian interference into the 2016 election. Her article explains how Christopher Steele, an ex-British spy and private investigator, compiled the Trump/Russia dossier and how he became horrified when he discovered Russia helping Trump. Mayer's article details how he tried to alert various officials of the U.S. government (Democrats and Republicans) who for a variety of reasons did not alert the American voting public that Russia was aiding Trump's campaign. Now, Steele is in the unenviable position of being hated by both Trump and Putin for what he learned and compiled in the Trump/Russia dossier.

The most disappointing thing for me (besides Trump's Russia connections) was learning that so many officials in the U.S. government (both Democrats and Republicans) and the press were hamstrung by other events and/or concerns after the British ex-spy warned them about what was happening. Unfortunately, the American voting public was not alerted that Russia was helping the Trump campaign -- and we will be living with the consequences for a long time.

Here's just one astonishing tidbit from the article:

"According to an article by the Washington Post, that month the C.I.A. sent what the paper described as 'an intelligence bombshell' to President Obama, warning him that Putin was directly involved in a Russian cyber campaign aimed at disrupting the Presidential election—and helping Trump win. Robert Hannigan, then the head of the U.K.’s intelligence service the G.C.H.Q., had recently flown to Washington and briefed the C.I.A.’s director, John Brennan, on a stream of illicit communications between Trump’s team and Moscow that had been intercepted. (The content of these intercepts has not become public.) (emphasis added.)

Additionally, various U.S. Senators and House members (Republicans and Democrats) of the intelligence committees were also briefed but did nothing to alert the American voting public.

So, Putin (and his team of cyber operatives) won the presidential election of 2016 and we all will be living with the consequences for many years.

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"Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier: How the ex-spy tried to warn the world about Trump’s ties to Russia." by Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, March 12, 2018
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2852) 6 months ago
The Trump/Russia connection is bad enough but now we have the porn star payoff and hush money being in violation of campaign finance laws.

Please wake me up. I seem to be having a nightmare that won't end. Please.
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And, to totally ruin my day, and to add insult to injury, today Putin is lavishly praising Trump and is saying that U.S. system is eating itself.

It appears that Putin is very, very happy with the mess he has created in the U.S. political system. What a dirty, rotten SOB Putin is! And, so is his toy, Trump.

WAKE UP, America!
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Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2852) 6 months ago
And, it appears that Trump is doing very little to protect the integrity of the 2018 U.S. elections:

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