Trump's Top Economic Advisor Resigns
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2888) 9 months ago
What? Another Trump advisor is leaving! Gary Cohn is the latest to exit. I'm thinking Trump is hell to work for (or be married to) -- it's bad enough reading about what goes on in the White House.

"Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser" by Kate Kelly andMagie Haberman, New York Times, March 6, 2018

Here's a list and photo of all the others who have left.

Stay tuned!
Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2203) 9 months ago
Aren't there more Apprentice participants like Dennis Rodman or Meatloaf available to fill some of these openings?
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Posted by Steve Sullivan (+816) 9 months ago
Bob - I'm not too sure how much longer the show will be on. It's getting very poor ratings. I heard they were going to move the show to the Trump Tower Panama, but appears they lost the building. I think the same is predicted to happen at the 1600 Pennsylvania address as well.
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