Vintage Winter Songs
Posted by David Schott (+12612) 8 months ago
"Nine Songs about Winter (not Christmas) from the 1930's, 50's, & 60's."

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Posted by RR01 (-110) 8 months ago
Um it Efing snowed here.Pretty much 4x4 pickup travel in town until they can clear the streets.Our winters of being spoiled is temporarily over.The best time to play winter songs in Eastern Montana is in August.
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Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+13742) 8 months ago
Good to see that, like a blind squirrel looking for nuts, even RR01 can swerve into the truth. Rumor has it you all have had so much snow the last week or so, you are now on a first name basis. Snows first name is in fact “Effing”. Nice songs, David.