The Bear Creek Sheep Raid
Posted by Forest B. Dunning (+14) 16 days ago
On December 28, 1900 eleven masked riders rode into a sheep camp on Toomey Creek, a tributary to Otter Creek in southeastern Montana. They put a gun on the herder, tied him to his sheep wagon, shot his dogs, and clubbed to death 2100 head of sheep.

This incident is variously known as "The Bear Creek Sheep Raid", "The Otter Creek Sheep Killing", and "The Toomey Creek Sheep Massacre". This raid is briefly discussed in "Dusting Off the Old Ones", a history of Custer County.

For over 117 years this incident has been spoken about in hushed tones with few details about the participants. The first definitive information came to light when Lyman Brewster published an account of the raid in the Winter 1974 Edition, Montana Historical Quarterly Magazine. In this account he named the leaders of the raid as being his father, George Brewster of the Quarter Circle U and John B. Kendrick of OW Ranch. He further names the other participants as Charlie Thex, Horton Boal, Frank "Booker" Lacy, Frank McKinney, Bill Munson, Tug Wilson, Walt Snyder, Barney Hall, and J.H. "Shorty" Caddel. The only participants that have substantial historical records are the two leaders.

If anyone has more information on the raid or the participants, please contact me.
Posted by Forest B. Dunning (+14) 4 days ago
In my research on the Bear Creek Raid I came across an interview which says that some of thr clubs used in tbe Raid were on display in a Miles City bar. Does anyone know where these clubs ate now? They were brought to Miles City by Sheriff Cato in early Jan.1901.