Posted by Rob Shipley (+351) 7 months ago

"Lebron James brags about being "well spoken"......proceeds using the vocabulary of a 4 year trash President Trump".

You gotta love this. Another obamatron clone trashing DJT. Great stuff here.

Rob Shipley
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Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+11605) 7 months ago
LeBron James is infinitely more intelligent than the Orange Fascist pig.
Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2011) 7 months ago
Oh the HORROR of any black man disparaging our great president!! If anyone really wants to make themselves sick, try watching VP Mike Pence's nauseating homage to Drumpf at their recent cabinet meeting. Try watching it twice.

By the way, Rob. If all of this sudden lust for Trump is supposed to some how improve your chances in the next election you decide to run in, forget it.
Posted by Rob Shipley (+351) 6 months ago
Netherton III,
Sir, you are so sadly wasting your life in love with obamatron and the despicable dems. Not a single one of them could ever pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. Obvious proof: scrounge ex prez Clinton, womanizer extraordinaire; Al Sharpton; Al Franken; all the puking Hollywood elites; and pelosi and shumer and tester and on and on and on.
1. Which demo admin ever DECREASED taxes? Ever?
2. Which demo admin ever had so many laws and regs reversed and dismissed as are those of obamatron now being tossed into the garbage can of the USA?
3. In general it is the dems who endorse abortion. Single main trouble always has been...........none of them........these demo idiots......were ever aborted.
4. criminal number one...........Hillary.......will soon enough be on oxygen...................glory be to Father GOD.

Rob Shipley
PS. Whenever I select to campaign again for any public office such a deal will be easily at my very own selection........debt free, unemployed, content to have always enjoyed being an American veteran and wonderfully blessed by Father GOD to know the whole truth of the myth and hoax and scam that is the income tax and never wasting any of my cash to it. Thank you, Sir.