Veteran’s Day
Posted by Hal Neumann (+8802) 11 months ago
Yes, many Thanks.

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Posted by Rob Shipley (+354) 11 months ago
My 2 cents worth about American veterans
I am a veteran because I was drafted when a senior in college by the Selective Service. I had been dodging the Viet Nam war for four (4) years hiding behind my
S-2 student classification. I was rough necking on a Gable Drilling Company wild cat hole along the Powder River and hadn't been to class for three (3) weeks opting to earn the "big money" ($4.10 an hour and $8.00 a day for the drive).
I was caught, pure and simple.
Not wanting to join the Army or the Marine Corps and get shipped over to Nam as a Ground Pounder and be murdered, I joined the regular Navy in Glendive.
It really, really, really sucks anytime anyone thinks about this point that follows.
The fat cats in Washington, D.C., who are the Congress and have the duty to vote and declare war whenever the need arises NEVER fight those wars, it is always the young Americans, the young men and women who actually fight them.

Thank you. Rob Shipley