Matthew 5:14 (look it up)
Posted by Rob Shipley (+395) 17 days ago
David Schott,
You are the light of the world as per this brief Scripture.
You belong to no one and nothing in the cosmos other than Holy Father GOD.
You do not belong to the IRS.
When you are old and facing a rest home as I will be facing in another six (6) or eight ( 8 ) or ten (10) years or so, the IRS will never do a single thing for you, not ever.
But GOD will because He made you for Himself, never for the dogs and wolves and idiots and thieves who are the IRS.

Rob Shipley
Posted by nativemc (+289) 17 days ago
I see nothing in this passage that deals with the IRS. Not sure what this posting is about.
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Posted by Hanson (+160) 17 days ago
How about a little reality in a discussion about the IRS and rest homes? When you enter the rest home you better hope that the IRS collects sufficient taxes to allow medicaid to keep you there because you certainly didn't earn and save enough $$ to take care of yourself.
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Posted by MilesCityMcGee (+11) 16 days ago

Your Bible should have no impact on the laws of These United States.

One has nothing to do with the other.
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Posted by Rob Shipley (+395) 15 days ago
Miles City McGee,
The Founding Fathers were Christians not atheists. "One Nation Under GOD...." is pleasing to our Most High GOD. "In GOD We Trust" printed on all our money pleases Him as well.

The separation of church and state is a bullpoop myth whenever anyone seriously and very decently studies the entire context.

" nation, under GOD, with liberty and justice for all."

Does Father GOD approve of Roe v Wade and the 55,000,000 American human babies that He created and were not created by the "state", that have been murdered?

I do not believe so. GOD's Word is and always has been superior to any laws mankind has ever written. Period. Done deal.

When you are failing in mind or health and require a rest home for your twilight years, are you going to rely on the government or the Most High GOD?

Abraham Lincoln, "Man was made for immortality".

Washington, "A nation cannot be governed without GOD."

I believe they knew more about church and state than do either you or me.

Posted by nativemc (+289) 15 days ago
Mr. Shipley, I am also a person of faith but, when I do end up in a rest home, I will depend on govt benefits as I have never seen a check written by God.
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Posted by Rob Shipley (+395) 7 days ago
Allow me the liberty to share TRUTH with you. Please allow me.
1. You were created by GOD, not the despicably sleazy, criminal government.
2. You are precious to Father GOD, never precious to any element of the sick and twisted government.
3. You are provided by your birth and creation to enter Heaven for eternity and enjoy being again and FOREVER with all of your family, all of your friends, and, all of your animals. You are not provided crap from the government, not ever.
4. I am 70, but you and me will become Spirit Beings in the realm of Heaven and Eternity and know each other many millions of years after the BLUE STAR we call our Sun exhausts all of its hydrogen and helium and implodes into being a dark hole.

B I B L E Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Absolute fact, Sir.


PS. Further proof of how the government is all hay wire; I paid in to Social Security the minimum of forty (40) points in the years 1965 through 1976.
This was $6,100 and small change.
The SCAM and HOAX of the Social Security PONZI SCHEME is..........I paid in $6,100........when I aged 62 and 1/2 years.......I withdrew MORE THAN the $6,100 in a mere ten (10) months.......first SS check was $668...........X 10 months .....way more than $6,100.

I have been receiving SCAM SOCIAL SECURITY checks now for 7.5 years.......age 62.5 to 70.

7.5 X $8,400 per year............$63,000 + + less my pay in of a mere $6,100.

See? I have already been paid well over TEN TIMES the amount I was forced to pay into the SCAM.

It is all bullpoop. And whenever SS selects to CANCEL big deal. It is all bullpoop anyway..............I will rely on my Father GOD.

Thank you, Sir.
Posted by Rob Shipley (+395) 7 days ago

I am headed into a rest home many years before you I believe.
1. Two (2) concussions, three (3) skull fractures.....May 1967 car wreck
2. Kidnapping at gunpoint, Miles City, March 12, 1985
3. Three (3) illegal foreclosures of my Miles City home (February,2012, through March 10, 2014).
3. Extremely severe nervous breakdown, March 24, 2014.
4. Extremely severe nervous breakdown, May 25, 2014.
(((( Wonderful VA has spent and continues to spend well over $65,000 on my care)))
Miles City government.............City............who forced these two (2) nervous breakdowns upon me.............never a penny...................(1c).
I love the Navy, was drafted, joined, and stayed in 38 years.
Love my USA..............despise the f***** up government.
When I go to any rest home and the money runs out, they (the government) will place my useless used up body in a dumpster and that will be the end of me.

Rob Shipley
Posted by Rob Shipley (+395) 7 days ago
I have more cash and fewer debts than eighty-eight percentile of Americans.
Average age 70 Americans have less than $71,000 in net worth; and, many have a great deal of debt. I have a greater net worth by a factor of several times, and, no debt at all.
The point is this:
When my own cash depletes, I will never trust the government for any reasons.
The government will throw me away as very soon as my being alive burdens them and their communist and satanic desires one (1) iota.

Thank you.

Rob Shipley