If anyone cares about my political philosophy
Posted by Rob Shipley (+344) one year ago
I was born into a staunch republican family. Dad did not have a high school diploma, Mom had a master's degree. They taught me early on RESPECT and SERVICE.
1. I hate lazy, loathsome, wasteful republicans and democrats alike.
2. My family was personal close friends with the Tim and Betty Babcock family.
My dad was a hero of Republican Governor Hugo Aronson.
3. I adore JFK to this day as I do my almost adoptive father, James P. Lucas.
4. I have no respect for Robert E. Lee; I love and adore George S. Patton
5. When my Republican father suffered a massive heart attack in 1961 and the FAA cancelled all of his flight licenses, Ship went to "Mr. Montana Democrat", the great Mike Mansfield, and, Mansfield told the facts of life to the FAA and had R.D. Shipley's pilot licenses restored sans blemish. Ship was a flight instructor and a former Northwest Airlines captain in WWII. Flying was his whole life.

A strict Republican asked for GREAT help from a famous Democrat..........and, received all that was needed.

if only the fools and brain dead morons who are the U.S. Congress could do the same.