When you good people elect me and pay my salary
Posted by Rob Shipley (+354) 11 months ago
I will always be..............YOUR City Judge............never a member of "The Good Ol' Boys Club".
Everyone of you 8,800 good people living in Miles City (doubt that any youngsters care or are in need) can at anytime email me..............ship@midrivers.com......NOT at the City Court, but privately as a contract between two (2) American adults who have legal standing.

I will answer every question to the best of my ability as your representative and as YOUR City Judge.

Posted by Rob Shipley (+354) 10 months ago
YOUR City Judge, YOUR City Representative,
Available all the time for anyone. The job description of the City Judge of Miles City reads it is a part-time employment, no retirement package, no medical insurance and pays $22,000 annually for a three(3) day per week duty.
There are no lawful restrictions of any kind that (a) any sincere lifetime native cannot offer to uphold the law, and (b) any duly elected official of the city government cannot lawfully assist anyone in the community with questions about the law, and (c) go to the end of the street for the good people who elected him/her and who pay his/her salary and deserve the very best.
I have lived here all my life and I know no other City Judge has ever advocated and offered to become YOUR city representative in this manner, not ever.
I sought to be elected YOUR City Judge because I hold a Shipley family legacy to S E R V E.

Thank you. "Ship"