Why Montana Deserves a New U.S. Representative
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2888) one year ago
Billings Gazette Guest Opinion by John Heenan, October 24, 2017

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Posted by Rob Shipley (+344) one year ago
Mary Catherine and all good Miles City.com persons,

Since 0600 this morning I have read and studied several Montana newspaper articles about John Heenan and his recent bid to unseat my friend, Greg Gianforte.
1. Heenan's way is sooooooooo direct
2. His political mentality is, to me, far greater
3. I spent thirty-five (35) minutes emailing him my support to volunteer anyway and anywhere he selects me

Like I have written previously, my very, very staunch Republican father, former Northwest Airlines captain, R. D. Shipley, had a heart attack and this resulted the FAA revoking all of his pilot licenses. What did Mr. Miles City Staunch Republican do?
He became very close personal friends with Mr. Montana Democrat, Senator Mike Mansfield in Washington, D.C.; and, wonderful Mike told the FAA the facts of life and Shipley had all of his pilot licenses restored, perfectly.

Thank you.

Rob Shipley