Montana Climate Assessment
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2654) 10 months ago
"The Montana Climate Assessment is a product of the Montana University System’s Montana Institute on Ecosystems, in collaboration with the Montana Climate Office, Montana Water Center and MSU Extension. It provides a thorough look at how Montana’s climate has changed and what we can expect in the coming years. This information is intended to help families and communities plan for and adapt to changing conditions. We invite everyone to consult the report, which is now available at, and join us in local discussions around the state in the coming year."

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Posted by The man from snowy plains (-154) 10 months ago
Oh goody, a bunch of liberal professors drive a document, tweek a little here, a little there and presto..10,20 years will it mean diddly squat. Not likely, but keep pushing your papers around and impressing one on other .