curious question
Posted by Cheryl Gaer-Barlow (+377) 7 months ago
Curious question: Whish is most important to you; freedom or love?
Posted by C.J.Desjardin (+134) 7 months ago
Love and my reasoning is as simple as one of my favorite beetles songs "All you need is love". Now I have a question for you. Why are you comparing freedom and love?

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Posted by Cheryl Gaer-Barlow (+377) 6 months ago
Certainly! I feel they correlate as desired qualities. I wondered if the answers would be gender based. I feel a woman's life is measured not by her accomplishments but by her most wonderful love experiences, whereas a masculine response might find importance in his wildest adventures and the freedom of unboundedness. This might be erronous.
It appears I won't get enough resonses to make any kind of conclusion. I think I've been "black-balled" from this site. I should have known better than to post.
But, I thank YOU for responding to my question!
Posted by C.J.Desjardin (+134) 6 months ago
Why would you think you have been blackballed from the site?
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