Trump and The White House Dump
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2543) 11 months ago
Not too surprisingly, Trump has denied calling the White House a dump. However, once again, there are witnesses to his lie -- in this case 8 or 9 people heard his remark. Many people like me think the major thing that makes the White House a dump now is Trump himself. Steve Bannon doesn't do much for the place either! Anyway, I checked the New York Times Trump Insult List only to discover that it has not yet been updated to include the White House.

Today, Trump insulted the citizens of New Hampshire. Tomorrow? Stay tuned! And, of course, as usual, Wake Up, America!

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Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+11471) 10 months ago
Truth be told, I'm glad he hates the White House and is going on vacation. Maybe it will slow down the number of awful ideas he comes up with. Every day it's something new, to appease his ignorant hicks, rubes, and hayseeeds racist base...

"Hey! I know! Let's keep brown people out of college!"

"Hey! I know! Let's keep brown people out of country!"

....and that's just this week.