Trump (Doesn't) Care Health Costs Rising
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+1892) 9 months ago
"We now have our first clear evidence that President Trump’s threats to blow up Obamacare — whether or not he actually intends to make good on them — are going to hurt a lot of people here in the real world. In Trump’s mind, these threats are supposed to force Democrats to make a deal on repeal, but minimal logic reveals that this is extremely far-fetched — meaning the only impact his threats will likely have is a destructive one, for no evident purpose whatsoever.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has announced that it intends to try to raise premiums by 22.9 percent next year. The company says it would have tried to raise them by only 8.8 percent, but it is going for the larger increase because the Trump administration has not said whether it will continue paying the law’s so-called “cost-sharing reductions” (CSRs) to insurance companies, which subsidize out-of-pocket costs for lower-income people who get insurance on the individual markets. Democrats in Congress want to appropriate money to cover these subsidies, but Republicans have not done so."

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Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+1892) 8 months ago
This article details how community health clinics in Los Angeles, California would be affected by the House passed health bill (American Health Care Act, HR 1628 (AHCA)) -- currently under study in the U.S. Senate. It made me wonder how the the community health clinic in Miles City -- One Health -- will fare.