Climate Change News--Antartica Ice Melting
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+993) 7 days ago
It's been a while since I posted anything about climate change, and the news out of Antartica is not good -- the ice is melting and faster than expected.

"The acceleration is making some scientists fear that Antarctica’s ice sheet may have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration.

Because the collapse of vulnerable parts of the ice sheet could raise the sea level dramatically, the continued existence of the world’s great coastal cities — Miami, New York, Shanghai and many more — is tied to Antarctica’s fate. . . . . Recent computer forecasts suggest that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at a high level, parts of Antarctica could break up rapidly, causing the ocean to rise six feet or more by the end of this century. That is double the maximum increase that an international climate panel projected only four years ago."

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Posted by The man from snowy plains (-47) 6 days ago
But those computer forecasts were described as crude even by the researchers who created them. “We could be decades too fast, or decades too slow,” said one of them, Robert M. DeConto of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “There are still some really big question marks about the trajectory of future climate around Antarctica.”
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+993) 6 days ago
Is the man from snowy plains interested in buying real estate on the Florida coasts? I'm thinking probably not!
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