Putin Offers to Clarify Matters
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2654) one year ago
The Trump/Russia story gets stranger and stranger.

Now, Trump's friend, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is offering to clarify exactly what was said when Trump met with the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister last week -- you know, the meeting that the Russian press was allowed to cover but not the American press. (Also, the same meeting that occurred the day after after FBI Director, James Comey was fired. And, the day after Putin displayed his new military hardware in the Victory Day parade in Moscow.)




Oh yeah, like Vladimir Putin who poisons journalists and imprisons dissenters is going to be the most reliable source on what transpired at the meeting between Trump and the Russians. What a f**king insult to our intelligence!

I feel like this is just so, so and too, too crazy. Is this really happening in the United States of America? Tell me I'm just having a bad nightmare. Please. Please.

Wake Up, America!