Joseph Scott
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I'm trying to find information on Joseph Scott. He established the SH ranch on the Tongue River. He was an associate of Frank Robertson. He was the 2nd President of the Montana Stock growers association. He was allegedly a widely known cattleman that has sort of been lost to history.
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Joseph Scott
s/o John Scott / Jane Steele

He was the youngest of 10 children. In the parish church there stands this entry, No. 143 "Joseph, son of John and Jane Scott, Drumclamph, was born September 12, 1843, and baptized October 2, 1843. Registered October 5, 1843, by me Edward M. Banks. He was engaged in stock raising and made a number of trips to England to import horses and cattle for the ranches he was interested in. His first trip was in 1879 after he had been in America 16 years. In June 1898 on a return trip he stopped at North Adams, MA where he met Miss Annette Bartlett through a letter or introduction of friends, 3 years afterwards she became his wife. Going directly to Berkeley, CA where they made their home for 6 months then returned to Spokane, WA. His work frequently called him away from home, but during his absence however pressing the demands, the daily letter to his wife was never omitted. During the summer of 1906 his business called him east and upon is return him his health became seriously effected and his Doctor advised he take a voyage of the Mediterranean. On the 18th of Dec they left from Spokane for New York and set sail aboard the SS Caronia for Naples. Upon his death bed he spoke - "God is going to take me to Heaven. I Am Not Afraid to Die" On the 24th of Mar 1906 with his wife at his side, the sweet spirit of Mr. Scott was called home to Heaven. On the 3rd of April a memorial service was held in and English cemetery. Arriving at Spokane a memorial service was held the 2nd of May at All Saints Cathedral and Fairmount cemetery. Services conducted by the dean of the cathedral the Very Rev. Alfred Lockwood, assisted by Rev. Henry A. James.

married 27 May 1901 Trinity Church Chicago
Miss Annette Bartlett
ref: History of the city of Spokane and Spokane Co., WA Vol II by N. W. Durham 1912

He lived in Miles City for 1900 census. I found 2 different passport apps & a photo
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Thanks for the obituary information. The fact he was "engaged in stock raising" doesn't give a lot background on his ranching empire. I was hoping to get information on his time in Miles City, his ranching interests or info on the Northern Cattle Company. I have seen tidbits where he helped create the Montana Stock Growers Association and was the Second President. I have seen him listed alongside cattle barons like Conrad Kohrs and Granville Stuart, but now he has been forgotten to history. I have found on this site Joe Farnum was a book keeper for the Northern Cattle Company managed by Joe Scott. John Burgess worked for the Northern Cattle Company and Joe Scott was the Manager. Who was this Joe Scott, I think he was an interesting character, but hard to find details on.

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There’s not a lot, but I think there’s a bit of information about the man in:
Available in the history section of milescity .com – here’s the link:
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That is kind of interesting conflicting history. The history from the Spokane history book which I'm familiar with has him born in England. The Custer History book has him born in Virginia. I tend to believe the fact he was born in England. The rest of the story in the Custer book sounds right he established the SH ranch on the tongue river in 1879. Their second ranch was near Birney and was sold to Captain Joseph T Brown. It must have been quite a time he moved into Montana with 20,000 head of cattle in 1879. Does anyone know an H. R. King of Miles City, Joe Scott is reported to have married his wife's half sister.

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Just looking in Dr. Lorman Hoopes book, "This Last West" and there is a bit about the NORTHERN CATTLE CO. that reads: (Yj 2/6/86) as of 1/8/86, successor, "Scott and Co." (Cattle Co.) co.p.o MC; Joseph Scott, mgr., p.o. MC; William H. Cotant, foreman; p.o. MC; range TR, PR and Little PR, Custer Co., M.T.

That is exactly the way it reads in the book. There is quite a bit about Joseph Scott..'44: born Tyronne Co., North Ireland; Page 313 if you have access to the book. It does mention that he was appointed as a delegate of NSGA, to first annual meeting, National Cattle and Horse Growers Association of United States....'85.
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Dr. Hoopes book is very informative. One interesting thing about Dr. Hoopes book is that it doesn't mention anything of the Montana Stock Growers Association. The Custer county history book says he was the Montana Stock Growers president for 8 years. The most interesting thing I have found is a quote from his obituary in the Billings Gazette. "Wherever cattle are raised in the far west, wether it be in California, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming or any other great grazing states, "Joe" Scott was known." That is a pretty impressive byline for someone that now I can only find snippets of information on.
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Check out this link on Facebook. Apparently Joseph Scott started out as a miner and then began raising cattle in Nevada and Idaho before expanding to Montana.
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He is also mentioned in "The story of the Herefords; an account of the origin and development of the breed in Herefordshire, a sketch of its early introduction into the United States and Canada, and subsequent rise to popularity in the western cattle trade, with sundry notes on the management of breeding herds"
By Alvin Howard Sanders

"Joseph Scott. — Another leader in the early line
of progress through the use of white-faced bulls
upon the open range was Joseph Scott. Born in
Ireland from Scotch parentage, a man of enterprise,
high intelligence and thoroughly upright in all his
dealings, he operated largely in Montana, and later
at Halleck, Nev. He first came into prominence as
a member of the firm of Scott & Hank, whose old ad-
dress was Mandel, Wyo. They ranged on the
Tongue and Little Powder rivers, their brand being
S-H. Joe Scott was not only one of the most expert
cattlemen ever identified with western ranching, but
he was progressive, and early devoted his attention
to Herefords, more especially in the Nevada herd.
He was a customer of Mr. C. M. Culbertson and
others of the pioneer importers from Herefordshire.
He also imported cattle direct from England for the
Montana ranch about 1880, and in connection with
George Leigh of Aurora, 111., imported 120 head in
1897, about forty head of which went to the Nevada

Mr. Scott had a long, eventful and honorable ca-
reer. He was for several terms President of the
Montana Stock Growers' Association, and devoted a
great deal of his time to that work. For many years
he made his home at Miles City, and from there he


went to Spokane, Wash. He underwent all the
vicissitudes and ups and downs of the cattle busi-
ness, and in his later years often said: ''I was a
millionaire before the winter of 1886-87, and a pau-
per afterwards." Eventually, however, he left
quite an estate. He died and was buried in Italy,
and is remembered by all his surviving friends as
a man of broad sympathies — one who never tired
helping his fellowmen."