Another Serial killer in the news
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Recently an adopted woman by the name of Lisa gave some DNA in an effort to find her relatives. She was surprised to find out she was a 6-month-old girl that went missing in New Hampshire with her mother and boyfriend in 1981. The mother has never been found but the boyfriend (goes by many aliases) died in prison after being convicted in California of murdering his new wife. He is also suspected of killing 4 females and dumping their bodies in two 55-gallon barrels in a field near where he worked in New Hampshire. One of the bodies was his daughter. During his crime spree he stole a vehicle in Preston Idaho and according to news reports, he has indicated he was from the west, and in particular, Wyoming.

Bob Evans (or whatever his real name is) used various other aliases, including Curtis Mayo Kimball, Curtis Rollin Kimball, William Vanner, Gerry Mockerman, Gordon Jenson, Lawrence Vanner, Ulos Jenson, etc

He was apparently a fan of the series Star Trek. His unofficial marriage to Eunsoon Jun (whom he killed shortly after the "marriage"), had a Star Trek theme. One of his aliases was Ulos Jensen. The Ulos is obviously fake and taken from the Var Ulos character of Star Trek (Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom). Another middle name of an alias was Mayo, which was also a ship (vessel) from Star Trek (USS Mayo). The other middle name of "Rollin" was probably taken from Captain Rollin Bannock, who was a Starfleet officer who served in the 23 d Century. I have deleted my reference of Kimball in relation to Richard Kimble of "The Fugitive", as now it looks like Robert took the alias "Kimball" from Mormon President Spencer Kimball who was widely thought to be who Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda was modeled after. William Vanner might have been taken after Adam Vanner, a director of "World War Z-Star Trek Beyond.

Online article from Preston Idaho (30 Year Old New Hampshire Case Found To Have Franklin County Ties)

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This serial killer who used many aliases and is suspected of killing at least six women and children has been identified as Terry Rasmussen, born in Denver in 1943.