Piles of Trials in Miles- Chapter 2
Posted by Frank Hardy 8 years ago
To the tune of Casey:
Many thanks to the MC Politics thread.

The outlook wasn't certain for the political thread that day,
The score was tied with council split, the mayor still to say.
When Brandt came up with metal bat in hand
A pall-like silence fell, a few began to stand.

A nagging few got up to leave; in deep despair they cried
You must give up this forsaken quest, remember those who have died.
Some clung to hope when the mayor lifted his gavel high
And the light shone bright; reflected from the metallic dye.

But Slayer preceded Brandt, as did Cutting and Kelly.
Gunnar stood, Wilbur Cain shouted "It's just silly!"
We heard from both Schotts- David first, then Chuck.
Eric slumped slowly down- the mayor's gavel struck.

Joe Whalen slapped a single down and sent Morgan out for cokes.
The Bonines all jumped up and starting telling jokes.
Things seemed really out of hand, the chief flicked off the lights
Then shudders were felt as Brandt yelled out "Human Rights"

From 65 throats were heard not one sound as at last
Eric Brandt shuffled from his chair, I saw him march past.
He swaggered to the front with papers swinging high
I saw the fear set upon the mayor's squinting eye.

There was ease in Brandt's manner as he hurried to the floor
With pride and a smile he said "I am here to settle a score".
When Valerie Pachl asked for her money or the CD
Brandt growled and roared "You think I work for free?!"

All eyes and ears were strained to hear the charge he came to make
The mayor was sweating, short breaths he came to take.
Then Brandt slowly lifted a metal bat into the air
A sly smile on his face, a look that seemed to dare.

For 30 seconds and then 10 more all stared upon the bat
We watched Eric swing it around and point at this and that.
The silence strained all those cloistered in that great hall
Until finally Tucker Bolton shouted "Holy Crap! Is that all?!"

From the benches there began a quiet murmuring snort
We watched as lines were formed within the council court.
People formed on either side with the Mayor or with Brandt
Thynk came late. Levi's sign read `Brandt recant'.

"Fraud!" Cried those with Mayor Joe. "You lie with forked tongue".
"You really don't need a pool!" Said Amorette Allison.
Some took Eric's side believing the Mayor wrong.
Mike Van kept asking Joe to sing a song.

The sneer has left Brandt's face, the crowd is calling for mace.
I hesitate to think what direction the camera shall soon face.
He leaps from the room into a truck and swerves
Along Haynes Avenue on two wheels taking curves.

Oh somewhere in this city there's a tank from Carbon Hill.
Someone remembers Holy Rosary and thinks about it still.
If Leota were alive today I think she would set her sights
At stopping MC.com from posting about Human Rights.

Posted by Levi Forman 8 years ago
Well done

"You really don't need a pool!" Said Amorette Allison.

This line made my laugh out loud.
Posted by Rick Kuchynka 8 years ago
I knew someday I'd see some advantage to nothing rhyming with Kuchynka.
Posted by Denise Selk 8 years ago
That was hilarious Frank! Bravo!
Posted by MRH 8 years ago
Very entertaining!!!
Posted by Hal Neumann 8 years ago
Good stuff Frank.

Posted by Pete Jakes 8 years ago
2 Posters should get together and form what would be an extremely successful business:
Frank Hardy: Writer
David Schott: Photography

Pleasantries just moved which leaves a vacancy at (about) 506 Main Street.

Discuss the specifics of how to set up a business in Miles City with local businessman and poster Eric Brandt.

Questions about the regulations on the new business: Contact Joe Whalen Mayor
Posted by JOE WHALEN 8 years ago
Frank, you're brilliant! Thanks for introducing a real note of levity to the whole MC Politics affair. Your tune carries the day...

Posted by Cory Cutting 8 years ago
OK, what did I do?
Posted by thynk 8 years ago
HAHAHAH!!!! Well done!
Posted by Chris Peterson 8 years ago
WTG FRANK!! That completely made my day...and I'll bet even Eric and The Mayor are smiling reading that one.
Posted by Cindy 8 years ago
Frank - Wonderful! Thank you for bringing many smiles to my day. Well done! You are a dude for sure!

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Posted by Frank Hardy 8 years ago
Thank-you for the nice comments!

Posted by Tucker Bolton 8 years ago
Bravo, huzzah, yea, hip hip hurrah! Thanks, we all needed that.
Posted by Chuck Schott 8 years ago
Well done Frank now lets hope that issue is WELL.............DONE!