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 Subject: rue 21
Author: mikemike13  Posted: Thu Aug 22 6:16:20 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
I was by the building a couple weeks ago they had all there stuff in windows but now there is a for sale sign up are they not coming into town now just wondering if any one knows?
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Josh Rath  Posted: Thu Aug 22 9:14:35 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Noticed this also. I've been told a few different stories, one being what you mentioned, and one being that Rue21 built the building, and is currently looking for a franchise owner.

Edit: After a Google Search, I found this listing for the property. http://www.loopnet.com/xNet/MainSit...=13850&FromPPPP=true Not sure what they are doing to be honest. I also found job listings, and this location is also now on the Store Finder on Rue21.com. From the pictures, the store looks to be nearly complete. Wonder if they just couldn't find help..

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 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: JMinow  Posted: Fri Aug 23 7:05:34 AM MDT 2013 From: - CO
The owner of the building is selling the building, the land, and the lease. RUE 21 is still coming to Miles City.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: snookie  Posted: Fri Aug 23 9:39:39 AM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Guess I'm behind times. What is Rue21 and where is this building?
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Donator spacekace  Posted: Fri Aug 23 11:23:22 AM MDT 2013 From: - WY
RUE 21 is a clothing store... http://www.rue21.com The new store is out on Haynes next to the new Sherwin Williams store.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: JMD  Posted: Fri Aug 23 4:00:36 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
So is RUE 21 still going into the building off Haynes, or are they looking for a new place? Just seems like it's taking a while for them to get the store up and running.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Fri Aug 23 4:38:28 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
It takes a very long time to complete interior finishing. The exterior always goes up fast. As I understand it, they are right on schedule to open in September.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Josh Rath  Posted: Fri Aug 23 6:23:44 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Thanks all, good to know that we are still getting a clothing store.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: JMinow  Posted: Mon Aug 26 10:19:45 AM MDT 2013 From: - ID
OK, to explain in more detail...
RUE 21 has already signed a several year lease for the building behind Sherwin Williams. The current owner of the building is selling it as a package deal. Whoever buys, gets a property with a new building on it with a tenant that is locked in to a lease for several years.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: MiMi Huckelson  Posted: Mon Aug 26 10:34:12 AM MDT 2013 From: - MT
I am working for them, the grand opening as of now is set for September 26th.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: luvlife  Posted: Thu Aug 29 8:58:38 PM MDT 2013 From: - MT
LOVE this store so much. They have such great deals. I think Maurice's will be in for some competition as they have really raised prices in the last couple of years and we don't have much variety in the line of teen clothing.
Can't wait! Thank for the info.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Donator David Schott  Posted: Fri Aug 30 12:39:43 AM MDT 2013 From: - WA
Recent photos of the rue21 store construction:

rue21 Construction, Miles City by dave_mcmt, on Flickr

rue21 Construction, Miles City by dave_mcmt, on Flickr
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Rue21  Posted: Fri Aug 30 10:16:46 AM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Rue21 is now hiring for all positions!
Please send your resume to Htrepanier(AT)rue21.com
You must be available the weekend of September 21st for store set up.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Donator Amorette F. Allison  Posted: Tue Sep 3 10:27:11 AM MDT 2013 From: - MT

I hope this was an isolated incident. What sizes does Rue 21 carry? Maurice's makes a big deal about it's large sizes.
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Donator Gunnar Emilsson  Posted: Tue Sep 3 11:18:43 AM MDT 2013 From:
Looks like Rue21 has completed the hiring process....

 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Rue21  Posted: Sat Sep 7 5:15:03 PM MDT 2013 From: - FL
Love it
 Subject: RE: rue 21
Author: Rue21  Posted: Wed Sep 18 9:08:22 AM MDT 2013 From: - MT
Hi All,

I will be at the store today and tomorrow taking applications.
Wednesday 10-12
Thursday 10-12 and 3-5


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