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 Seriously?!!!!, hat_3275, 8/2/2012 8:51:47 AM
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 RE: Seriously?!!!!, Tim Wagoner, 8/2/2012 3:06:29 PM
 Subject: Seriously?!!!!
Author: hat_3275  Posted: Thu Aug 2 8:51:47 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
After seeing some of the posts on here I would have to guess the age group that posts on here would have to be about 10-15? Am I right or wrong? Your comments towards Laura/Olive remind me of a bunch of school yard bullying. I know Laura-quite well, actually!!! I grew up with her. She is a very kind hearted person who could never hurt anyone!!! She was not trying to pretend to be someone else. She just quit posting as Laura because of how rude some of you were to her. She started posting as Olive- So what?!!! What difference does it make? To say she is a fraud and physcotic (s.p.) is waay over the top. She is not even close to Peta!!! She just as a big love for animals and wants to help animals in need. I think it is great that she would give up her day to try to find someone's pet. How about thanking her for trying to help your pet?!! Yes she is very persistant and she can be very repetitive. Yes, that can be very annoying. That is nooo reason to berate her!!! Grow up and get a life people!!!

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 Subject: RE: Seriously?!!!!
Author: Donator Jeri Dalbec  Posted: Thu Aug 2 9:02:13 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
I know Laura too, and would definitely want her to care for or about any animal I would have. You have to admire dedicated people:-)
If Kacey happens to read this I wanted to let her know that I tried to email her but, it came back saying your email was not accepting emails:-)
 Subject: RE: Seriously?!!!!
Author: Donator Frank Hardy  Posted: Thu Aug 2 10:06:39 AM MDT 2012 From: - MN

Olive said:

Kacey, I am not Laura Sevier, I am her friend, so do not say I am somebody I am not, my friend Laura quit posting on because she got tired of people making comments when she posted things on and getting mad at her, she has not posted anything on in months now, I am just her friend, again I am not Laura Sevier, so Kacey you need to get your facts straight before posting something on My real name is Olive so be sure you know who you are talking about.

Just thought you should know that what you're railing about isn't quite true.

 Subject: RE: Seriously?!!!!
Author: hat_3275  Posted: Thu Aug 2 10:20:12 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
O.k. maybe she got a little carried away with that but she was not trying to be two different people I don't think she realized people could see Olive was Laura. Maybe should let people delete their accounts so something like that can't happen. Also if you would look a little closer you would see that she hasn't posted as Laura in quite a while!!

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 Subject: RE: Seriously?!!!!
Author: Tim Wagoner  Posted: Thu Aug 2 3:06:29 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Not posting as one account and posting as another still = posting.

I personally would like to see categories in the classifieds with expiration dates on ads, and an area for jobs, pets, etc...
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