Northern Pacific ,1881 Thanksgiving
Posted by james clough (+5) 5 years ago
In a post made 4/10/2009 I asked about Col. J. B. Clough and Amorette mentioned that he attended the N.P.R.R. 1881 thanksgiving does anyone know does any account exist that would list those that attended? As I mentioned in my follow up post back in 2009, amongst the L. A. Huffman steroviews that i inherited from Col. Clough is the one of that 1881 Thanksgiving. Now using family photos I believe I can identify not only Col. Clough but also his wife, two sons, and his two daughters and possibly his future son in law in that 1881 photograph. I would very much like to confirm this if possible. Any help in this question and if anyone would care to go back and read my 4/10/2009 post and follow up and answer any question possed there I would greatly appreciate.
Thanks, Jim Clough