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 NASA Photo of Fires, Admin Webmaster, 7/9/2012 12:02:57 PM
 RE: NASA Photo of Fires, Kacey, 7/9/2012 6:35:02 PM
 RE: NASA Photo of FiresDonator David Schott, 7/9/2012 8:45:34 PM
 RE: NASA Photo of FiresDonator Richard Bonine, Jr., 7/9/2012 9:07:53 PM
 RE: NASA Photo of Fires, Exalted Buckaroo, 7/10/2012 6:11:01 PM
 Subject: NASA Photo of Fires
Author: Admin Webmaster  Posted: Mon Jul 9 12:02:57 PM MDT 2012 From: - CA
 Subject: RE: NASA Photo of Fires
Author: Kacey  Posted: Mon Jul 9 6:35:02 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Thanks for posting that. Really puts it into perspective.
 Subject: RE: NASA Photo of Fires
Author: Donator David Schott  Posted: Mon Jul 9 8:45:34 PM MDT 2012 From: - WA
I attempted to add some labels to that satellite photo.

You'll have to view the larger size to read it. Here's a direct link:

FLICKR PHOTO: GOES-15 "Blanket of Smoke From Western U.S. Fires"
 Subject: RE: NASA Photo of Fires
Author: Donator Richard Bonine, Jr.  Posted: Mon Jul 9 9:07:53 PM MDT 2012 From: - WY
Thanks David beer
 Subject: RE: NASA Photo of Fires
Author: Exalted Buckaroo  Posted: Tue Jul 10 6:11:01 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
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