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 Subject: babythings needed
Author: souzafamily  Posted: Mon Jul 9 12:08:45 AM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
Me and my husband are looking for these babythings we are due in 3 to 5 weeks. Free would be best. newborn boys or unisex clothes, Bassinet or crib, blankets, toys etc anything would help we are trying to get on our feet and my husband is looking for work anything would help thank you and god bless
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: wrejr  Posted: Mon Jul 9 1:23:10 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
what kind of work id he looking for? i might know something...
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: Scottish  Posted: Mon Jul 9 1:43:07 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
I would contact St. Vincent's if they know you are struggling they might be able to donate some of the baby stuff???? They are very sweet & kind people. The clothing is in very good condition and maybe they can help you locate some of the furniture you're looking for??
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: neonfreedom  Posted: Mon Jul 9 8:57:54 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
I have a walker for sale in great condition for $15 if your interested in pictures or to buy please call or text me at 406 852 0249
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: cp1  Posted: Tue Jul 10 12:03:32 AM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
Please give me a call at 233-1318 I have lots of baby blankets and clothes.
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: souzafamily  Posted: Wed Jul 11 8:42:05 AM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
Cp1 I tried to call yesterday I have an out of state number i was wondering if you still had the baby things and wondering if i may come and see them you can give me a call at 530-635-3765 I have an appointment at 11 today
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: neonfreedom  Posted: Wed Jul 11 11:06:20 AM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - CO
well the walker is sold but i have a high chair,and a baby bath if your interested call/text 406 852 0249
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: t.anderson  Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:57:08 AM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
The people at ST. V are very sweet? I have had a different experience with them then! Sorry, and no offense, But twice I have asked them to come down on furniture (which is ridiculously over priced in the first place!) and they flat out said NO! I have also asked them for help with my car, which unexpectantly broke down on me and again was told no, that they don't help with such situations.
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: Nichole Jackson  Posted: Thu Jul 12 3:46:52 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
St. V is amazing! I personally know the new manager and he is a great guy! Known him for the past 5 years or so (working relationship). They do run low on funding to help out and it is hard for them to say no to people who are in need. They do run on donation funds(not sure if they get grants or not) and they donate to many programs/business in the community as well. Mostly donattions from the community businesses and from things they sell. The employee's in there volunteer their time, most don't get paid to help run the store.

Sometimes they do have to turn family's down due to their own finacial status(there hands are tied), doesn't mean they are mean and rude. Sorry you had a bad experience not only once but twice. It just doesn't mean they were pushing you away, there hands must have been tied. Knowing the manager the way I do from past working experience with him, he would have helped if he could have.
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: Nichole Jackson  Posted: Thu Jul 12 3:48:25 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
I was just there and the have tons of baby things in there price reasonable. They have some bouncer, baby bath tubes, clothes, toys, bottles, blankets, and etc.... I would go in there and ask for Mike, he is the manager. I didn't see him when I was there this afternoon but doesn't mean he wasn't in the back somewhere.
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: t.anderson  Posted: Thu Jul 12 5:24:37 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
Nichole I am sure they do help alot in the community, it's just my experience left a bad immpression with me. I did not speak to the manager in the situations I wrote about, and maybe if I had, he would have been more helpful smile
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: neonfreedom  Posted: Thu Jul 12 5:31:06 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
Besides the baby bath $5 and high chair $10,we have a size 4 never been worn pair of shoes..and a ton of baby hangers blue and white 10 for $1..i also have a baby wipe warmer$10..and some bibs(some have stains)but other wise good condition $2 each..

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 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: Donator skoh  Posted: Wed Aug 1 11:47:41 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
I am sorry to hear that t.anderson had a bad experience at St. Vincent's. If you haven't already, do go in and ask for a voucher for baby items. We do help with most things but are limited. If there is a need, please ask to speak to Mike. Most of the prices are negotiable especially if there is a need due to unfortunate circumstances.
 Subject: RE: babythings needed
Author: rg  Posted: Mon Aug 13 12:21:35 PM MDT (UTC-6) 2012 From: - MT
I have a Bassinet if you are still needing one...
please call 406-234-4773 smile
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