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 Ash creek fire, Kurt, 7/5/2012 6:11:43 AM
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 Subject: Ash creek fire
Author: Kurt  Posted: Thu Jul 5 6:11:43 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Here is something that I quickly put together showing the Ash Creek fire. The footage was shot on July 3 though the video and stats are from July 4th.

 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: Diesel  Posted: Thu Jul 5 6:59:05 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Thats amazing! So sad, I just recently went though there and thought is was such beautiful country
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: windy  Posted: Thu Jul 5 8:31:19 AM MDT 2012 From: - ID
Thanks Kurt. I moved away about a year and a half ago adn I have been following the fires closely. All of Eastern MT is in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: D. Rice  Posted: Thu Jul 5 11:41:18 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Thanks for posting this.

My father and I (and one of my sons) drove a load of supplies down to the firehall in Broadus yesterday (from First Lutheran Church, through Our Savior's in Broadus - powerades and chapstick and eyedrops and that sort of thing). Broadus certainly didn't have much of a chance to celebrate Independence Day this year.

On our way back to Miles City, we saw that the fire was actively burning as far north as Volborg - while we couldn't see the flames from the road, the sky was red for about a mile, the fire being maybe 5 miles from the highway. We were 31 miles north of 212 at that point, and I understand that the fire is burning south of 212 as well...

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Broadus, Ashland and the region. I lived in Broadus until age 5, and have a lot of fond early memories of both the people and the community.
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: neonfreedom  Posted: Thu Jul 5 11:55:27 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
If you know any one that is being effected by the fires and needs a couple mattresses...i have a full and a twin w/boxspring...they are free for the taking..they are well used..but if they can be used i don't wan to take them to the dump...please email me at neonfreedom(AT) or call/text me at 406 852 0249..
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: Admin Webmaster  Posted: Thu Jul 5 2:43:55 PM MDT 2012 From: - CA
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: cyndie  Posted: Thu Jul 5 9:05:48 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
So...did they move the sheep? Are they OK?
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: roy  Posted: Thu Jul 5 11:10:55 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Yes the sheep and goats are fine... and lots of rain tonight thank you lord we needed it..
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: cyndie  Posted: Fri Jul 6 7:05:18 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
big grin
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: Kurt  Posted: Fri Jul 13 8:08:37 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Between the drought conditions and the fires, it is turning out to be a rough year for a lot of producers.

A portion of this short video showing this immense fire may appear in a segment on wildfire on the national news airing Monday night on CBS. They haven't done the final edits so no guarantees--could easily end up on the cutting room floor. Apparently they were shooting in eastern MT but apparently something about this clip compliments the other content they shot. confused May be worth having a look either way.
 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: Kurt  Posted: Fri Jul 13 8:09:21 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Great big grin you got rain & the sheep & goats are okay!

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 Subject: RE: Ash creek fire
Author: JB  Posted: Sat Jul 14 11:50:58 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Kurt is there anyway I could get some pictures from this video or a copy of the video?? Most of it was taped by my parents ranch.. Thanks you can email kstrub(AT)
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