Posted by Diane Grutkowski (+211) 5 years ago
July 9, 10, 11: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL; Personal Safety & Self Defense for Girls ages 8 to 10.

July 16,17,18: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL; Personal Safety & Self Defense for Girls ages 11 to 13.

INSTRUCTOR: Diane Grutkowski

About my class: Unfortunately, the world is not always a safe place for children anymore. Teaching children to not talk to strangers is no longer enough. We do not want to make our children paranoid or afraid and there is no reason to dwell on the horror of what might happen. Awareness and healthy fear is a good thing - worry and anxiety are not.

This course will teach young ladies personal safety, how to trust in their own instincts, to become aware of their `uh-oh' feeling, and their own sense of self. They will learn how to keep themselves out of situations where they could become a victim and to think fast in order to get away from an attacker as quickly as possible if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

This course will give an action plan, some clear-cut strategies, and the confidence to do what needs to be done; fight hard, fight smart, and FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.

Young ladies will learn that they don't need to have a black belt to defend themselves and `pretty' techniques are not necessary.

Self defense is best taught as a common, everyday awareness and skill. As females, brute force is not our strength; learn exactly what your strengths are.

Come and discover the power of your mind and body in learning to be street smart, cunning, and how to act "unladylike" when your life depends on it.

Hope to see you there, Diane

Call Beth Oswald 874-6164 to register.
Posted by Diane Grutkowski (+211) 5 years ago
I have been informed that if you cannot get ahold of Beth Oswald, it is okay to show up on the morning of the class. Pre-registering is not required.
Posted by Carol Bean (+260) 5 years ago
Hi Diane,

What time is the older class?
Posted by Diane Grutkowski (+211) 5 years ago
All days are 10 am to 4 pm. We will break for lunch; I will stay here from 12-1 so students can bring sack lunchs.
Posted by Kacey (+3137) 5 years ago
I think it's a great idea. Girls need to learn ways to defend themselves properly. Thanks for doing this Diane.