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 Subject: Alternative schooling
Author: tinagraber  Posted: Wed Jun 27 7:34:20 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Does anyone have information about alternative schooling in Miles City?
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: Donator Amorette Allison  Posted: Wed Jun 27 8:29:12 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
How do you define "alternative?" There are two parochial schools for eighth grade and lower. The high school has an alternative program but you don't go sailing in and announce you want to go there. There are criteria.
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: katl big fan  Posted: Thu Jun 28 10:25:41 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Miles City CCDHS offers alternative schooling. If you go in and request a space, they have both morning and afternoon classes. They usually try to take older kids first to try and help them graduate. The only other option is GED through Miles Community College. I would check with CCDHS thoughsmile
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: tinagraber  Posted: Thu Jun 28 11:57:54 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Thank you!
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: Jade S  Posted: Fri Jun 29 12:38:02 PM MDT 2012 From: - CO
Another feasible alternative is home education. You didn't specify a grade level, but there are many options for educating your child at home; Montana is considered a least-restrictive state for home education law.
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: amber m  Posted: Fri Jun 29 12:59:37 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
I went through the alternative school program over 10 yeas ago when it was new to miles city and without it i'm pretty sure i would not have obtain any higher education. Great program!
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: RB  Posted: Sat Jun 30 5:36:58 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Are there many moms here in MC that homeschool? My kids are young now but I plan to homeschool when they are old enough smile Would love to meet some of you homeschooling moms!
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: Jade S  Posted: Sun Jul 1 12:09:24 AM MDT 2012 From: - CO

There is a group of us that meet once a month during the traditional school year with the kids, and then a Mom's Night that has recently started on the 2nd Monday of the month; the mom's group meets at Grace Bible Church . Email me for times and more info.
 Subject: RE: Alternative schooling
Author: RB  Posted: Sun Jul 1 4:57:26 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Jade, I emailed you, thanks
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