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 Couple questions..., neonfreedom, 6/21/2012 7:39:56 AM
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 Subject: Couple questions...
Author: neonfreedom  Posted: Thu Jun 21 7:39:56 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Does any one know if there is a cheap/good(or someone that will work with u)dog trainer here in miles city or close by...were in desperate need of one..

And can any one tell me if u put a pair of shoes in the wash will it take the dog urine smell out or what will?

And will hurt shoes to put the in the wash with regular detergent....
 Subject: RE: Couple questions...
Author: Donator Kelly  Posted: Thu Jun 21 7:46:39 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
To take urine smells out, I've used a product called anti-ichy poo.

It is an enzyme-based liquid that worked on my carpets.

Hope this helps.
 Subject: RE: Couple questions...
Author: hotshot92  Posted: Thu Jun 21 7:56:58 AM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Thank u..i will talk my husband into getting it...
 Subject: RE: Couple questions...
Author: snookie  Posted: Thu Jun 21 4:13:49 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
Kelly Dodge Tarr is good. I don't know if she is listed in the phone book under Dodge or Tarr.
 Subject: RE: Couple questions...
Author: hotshot92  Posted: Thu Jun 21 5:03:20 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
could u email me her number if uknow it...please and thank u
 Subject: RE: Couple questions...
Author: Donator Gunnar Emilsson  Posted: Thu Jun 21 6:48:05 PM MDT 2012 From: - MT
I believe there is a Korean restaurant in Billings.
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