Ranch Rodeo comes to Miles City
Posted by Exalted Buckaroo (+242) 5 years ago
It may not be your first rodeo but it's probably be the most authentic one you'll see in awhile. Teams of cowboy crews from neighboring ranches compete with one another in events such as Team Doctoring, Team Branding, Ranch Bronc Riding, Team Sorting, Wild Cow Milking, and Ranch Relay Racing. It's always a good time and it's shaping up to be a fine day.

There's a Calcutta scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight at the Bison Bar and the arena action begins at the Eastern MT. Fairgrounds tomorrow at 1 p.m. A street dance follows all events on Saturday night.

Posted by Diana Elwood (+25) 5 years ago
How many teams did you get? Should be a good time wish I could come.
Posted by Olive (+1657) 5 years ago
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Posted by ocne (+450) 5 years ago
Yesterday's ranch rodeo was a good one! Paul Pauley did a great job announcing, the event was well-organized, great prizes, great teams...it was a nice event!

Good work and a hand goes out to the committee behind this: Cole Cook, Bill & Roxanne Harding, Russ Burrows, Ryle Harms, Todd LaRowe and everyone else.

Thanks for putting this on!
Posted by Alexis Shipp (+56) 5 years ago
did any one find a touch screen phone i lost mine on thur. when i went there to practice?????? i live here in MC!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Joe Whalen (+618) 5 years ago
Support Your Local Ranch Rodeo

All other ranch bronc rides now posted to YouTube. Other events to follow. Good show on Saturday! Thanks to all who put it together and the teams who participated.

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