Montana Steak House
Posted by Mandi 3 years ago
We ate at the Montana Steak House tonight and had the babyback rib special. The meal was amazing, great quality ribs, with alot of meat. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone! Service, food and prices were outstanding!
Posted by Amorette Allison 3 years ago
I ate there last spring. I realize I am the only person on the planet who cares about the vegetables accompanying their steak but they were lousy. Obviously from a big bag of frozen mixed veg, steamed, and dumped on the plate with no further effort.

In Montana, caring about the veg on the side in practically admitting you are communist, but it would be nice if those of us who do like a nice side to a piece of meat could be accommodated.

Service was great. Steak was steak. No complaints but nothing out of the ordinary.
Posted by Kacey 2 years ago
Is this the restaurant by the Montana? Is it big enough for a class reunion? How's the food now?

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Posted by yh7j8 one year ago
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Posted by Ken Minow one year ago
Everytime I've been there the food and service was excellent.
Posted by Kacey one year ago
Class of '73 is having their Saturday night dinner at the Montana Steakhouse in September. Looking forward to good food with good friends.
Posted by korky II one year ago
dont bet on it.