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 Culinary Wars, Donator Hal Neumann, 8/26/2011 11:13:56 AM
 RE: Culinary WarsDonator Bridgier, 8/26/2011 11:24:29 AM
 RE: Culinary Wars, Levi Forman, 8/26/2011 1:17:00 PM
 RE: Culinary WarsDonator Art , 8/26/2011 1:59:52 PM
 RE: Culinary Wars, Rick Kuchynka, 8/26/2011 4:36:16 PM
 Subject: Culinary Wars
Author: Donator Hal Neumann  Posted: Fri Aug 26 11:13:56 AM MDT 2011 From: - AK
 Subject: RE: Culinary Wars
Author: Donator Bridgier  Posted: Fri Aug 26 11:24:29 AM MDT 2011 From: - ID
Life's to short to eat crappy food.
 Subject: RE: Culinary Wars
Author: Levi Forman  Posted: Fri Aug 26 1:17:00 PM MDT 2011 From:
I am a Bourdain fan but that Op-ed is dead on. All the TV food people that blather on about "organic, locally sourced, artisanal blah blah blah" are just so many self-righteous rich people. I don't have a problem with people spending $100 on a single meal, but don't act like people who don't are bad citizens. Frankly, the way that stuff is raised and produced is extremely inefficient and if everyone ate like that, half the world's population would die of starvation. I'm pretty much convinced that even though they call it "sustainable" a lot of that stuff is actually worse for the environment than the demonized "factory farms" because it's so inefficient in terms of production per acre of land.
 Subject: RE: Culinary Wars
Author: Donator Art   Posted: Fri Aug 26 1:59:52 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
My son, an independent cineamatographer in NYC, has filmed a number of Bourdains "No Reservations" TV shows, recently on the Amazon and in the Ozarks. The feedback I got is that Bourdain is a BIG, BIG ego and the Food Network is BIG, BIG business. But if you like adventure travel it's great work.

 Subject: RE: Culinary Wars
Author: Rick Kuchynka  Posted: Fri Aug 26 4:36:16 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
Interesting Article.

But I thought it was going a different way
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